Letters - November 22, 2018

Chancellor's '˜little extras' are an insult

Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 2:09 pm
Updated Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 3:14 pm

In London, education trade unionists, campaigners,parents and children are marching in London to call on Chancellor Philip Hammond to increase funding to British schools.

The Chancellor has displayed his ignorance of the seriousness of the funding crisis by offering £400 million for ‘little extras’ in his budget last month.This is widely viewed by teachers,headteachers and support staff as an insult ,at a time when schools are suffering a £2 billion shortfall in funding per year.

The serious problems schools are facing are crystal clear to all but the Government.

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It is time that ministers listened to the clear message from communities across the country that they have had enough of cuts to their schools.

Hammond’s little extras just wont cut it.The next Labour government will end Tory cuts to schools, invest in a national education service for all children, and scrap the public sector pay cap for the whole of the public sector, including teachers and school support staff.

It is all a doorstep issue for voters, and until the treasury announces more money for education, school leaders, governers, parents and others will continue to make their voices heard.

Everyone is tired of being told there is more money for education than ever before, when what they see with their own eyes every day proves that there is not enough money to cover the cost of education.

Only new money from the treasury will solve the current school funding crisis. The money taken from education will impact the future of children and therefore impact the future of our economy and ultimately our society.

Royston Jones



Hospital staff do 
a marvellous job

On the news, all we seem to see are stories about waiting lists increasing and staff shortages.

However, my wife has just had a operation at Victoria Hospital and the care and treatment she has received has been marvellous. We would like to thank all the staff on Ward 16 – you have been brilliant.


via email


We have waved the white flag at EU

So, Mrs May has visited all 27 EU leaders and got the UK a good deal. Parliament should now ratify this, says Mrs May. Sounds familiar?

Let’s cast our minds back to the lead-up to the referendum. Mr Cameron visited all 27 EU leaders and came back stating he had secured a good deal for the UK and the electorate should vote to remain in the EU.

When are our politicians going to learn? The EU do not negotiate, they dictate! The EU has walked all over us. Is it any wonder those Bully Boys of Brussels, Barnier and Tusk, could not contain their laughter when they were handed over the “agreement”?

I would say that under Mrs May’s watch, the EU have achieved what Hitler, the Kaiser, the Spanish Armada and Napoleon could not do and that is to secure the UK’s surrender to the demands of Europe!

B Robinson

Patterdale Avenue,


Give appeal your stamp of approval

I’m a volunteer at the Bone Cancer Research Trust and I’m looking for support for their Stamp Appeal. The Bone Cancer Research Trust is the leading charity dedicated to fighting primary bone cancer, and we would love the support of your readers.

It’s so easy for your readers to get involved, we would like to ask them to save used and new postage stamps from the UK and overseas, any amount at any time of the year is very much appreciated. In 2018, we are aiming to raise at least £30,000 just from stamps and stamp collections.

The Bone Cancer Research Trust is the leading charity dedicated to fighting primary bone cancer and they need your help!

We’d like to ask Gazette readers to save their new and used stamps for the trust’s Stamp Appeal.

Christmas is coming and you may be getting lots of lovely Christmas cards, or maybe there’s a birthday coming up, or even your workplace receives lots of post!

Instead of throwing stamps away, send them to the Bone Cancer Research Trust Stamp Appeal and they can turn your stamps into funds, so they can continue with their life-saving research, providing reliable information, raising crucial awareness as well as offering support to those who need it. You can find out more about the appeal at www.bcrt.org.uk/stamps

Please send your stamps to: BCRT Stamp Appeal, 20 Bowers Road, Benfleet ,Essex, SS7 5PZ, England. Or you can email [email protected]


Volunteer Stamp Appeal 
Bone Cancer Research Trust