Letters - November 21, 2016

SERVICESConservatives are fighting for librariesIt's been frustrating reading correspondence from the army of local Labour County councillors trying to pretend they weren't the ones who voted to close the libraries. But then it's no surprise, as they know they are up for re-election soon and are getting nervous.

Monday, 21st November 2016, 12:38 pm
Updated Tuesday, 22nd November 2016, 11:21 am
Thornton Library which is threatened with closure

Just to be clear, Labour Lancashire voted to shut the libraries – with indecent haste at that. Just as they voted to take away the tram passes.

It was hard campaigning work by me and local Conservative councillors that shamed them into that tram U-turn, and why I’m still demanding a public inquiry into their shameful library decision.

I would rather we all put our effort into supporting the work of Andrea Kay and others in putting together workable bids that will enable both Cleveleys and Thornton libraries to stay open.

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Labour’s blame game doesn’t help our community one little bit.

We’re committed to reopening the libraries anyway if Conservatives retake the County next May – but Labour could be working with us on this, rather than standing outside a library they chose to close pretending to the public it was someone else that did it.

Who is that helping? Just themselves, as usual.

Paul Maynard MP

Blackpool North & Cleveleys


Presidential ballot an embarrassment

The presidential election campaign in the USA was unusual for the vitriol expressed, but will be remembered in their history as a total embarrassment for millions of American people.

Donald Trump’s performance in the head-to-head interviews was as expected, confrontational but his behaviour/attitude was appalling. He was belligerent, extremely uncouth and often downright malicious. In my opinion he won the election based on lies, insults and misogyny.

One would have assumed the revelation that he doesn’t pay income tax and the boastful attitude he displayed on that issue would have cost him heavily, by turning ordinary taxpaying citizens against him. The old maxim that ‘One should never assume’ has after this event gained more meaning for me.

However, what has prompted me to express my opinion is the letter from Barry Clayton (Your Say, Gazette, November 11) which doesn’t mention Donald Trump’s appalling behaviour at all.

He accuses Hillary Clinton of telling lies and having an errant husband, (Is that really her fault I wonder?) for the Democratic Party candidate’s failure, despite her success in polling more votes than her rival did. It is clear I view the world in a totally different way than Mr Clayton.

Jack Croysdill

Chairman. Blackpool North/Cleveleys Constituency Labour Party


Old soak fought 
off a beer bandit

Your letter of Monday, November 14, titled “Nothing but the tooth in a mug”, brought back memories.

Many years ago, in the old Loco Club, Ribble Road, 
one man in there swore blind that a beer bandit was at his beer when attending the toilet.

His answer, same solution, dentures in his pint.

I wish I could think of his name, any readers remember?

Kevin Gooder

Clinton Avenue



Help pets in need this Christmas

Christmas is a critical time of year for vet charity PDSA. While most pets get to enjoy this time at home, spending the festive season with their families, some others are not so lucky. This Christmas we expect to see around 50,000 sick and injured pets in need of our help, around the UK.

That’s why we need funds to keep our Pet Hospital doors open. Without PDSA, many of these pets wouldn’t receive the care they need.

It is only with your donations that we can help keep best friends together this Christmas.

Pet lovers can find out more about the pets we care for and support our #SaveAStar campaign at www.saveastar.co.uk or text STAR to 70025 to give a one-off donation of £5 (you’ll also be charged one standard rate message).

On behalf of the pets whose lives you’ll help to save, thank you.

Nicola Martin

PDSA Senior Vet


Listen to the people on tram extension

I fully agree with Stephen Pierre (Your Say, Gazette, November 16).

I was born in Blackpool before the Second World War and grew up during and after the war. In those days there were various routes through the town: Gynn Square to North Station, North Pier to Royal Oak via Clifton Street; Abingdon St-Church St-Whitegate Drive-Waterloo Rd, etc. Now why were these routes stopped? Increasing traffic. I became a telegram boy at the Post Office and rode cycles and motor cycles.

Crossing the tram tracks when wet was quite dangerous on two wheels, and today’s traffic must be at least three of four times what it was in those days – therefore the proposed extension would be a hazard.

I predict total chaos.

Why don’t the councillors listen to the people? The vast majority, in my estimation, are opposed to to this extension.

David Pickering

via email