Letters - November 13, 2018

Spend money on frontline officers

Tuesday, 13th November 2018, 11:11 am
Updated Tuesday, 13th November 2018, 12:14 pm

Chris Webb takes the moral high ground in bemoaning the financial constraints placed on the Lancashire Police force which he states has contributed to an increased crime rate (Your Say, November 5).

Would he not agree that any monies spent by the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) should be focused on frontline policing rather than wasting money on roles that serve no useful purpose other than making a political statement such as the one he has recently accepted?

The county’s Police and Crime panel have already clearly made their views known regarding the appointment of a deputy PCC.

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They urged Mr Grunshaw to reconsider this appointment as in their view there was no justification in the appointment and it is a complete waste of money.

Chris Webb was also being disingenuous in failing to mention that as deputy PCC he will be earning £27,500 plus travelling expenses and subsistence for just three days a week work.

It is doubtful if any serving front-line police officer considers his appointment has any justification or merit.

If Chris Webb was so genuinely concerned about the lack of funding for the police, he would not have 
accepted this role.

Paul Siddall

Hayfield Avenue


Attire ‘insulted’ those who fell

Could the followers of Jeremy Corbyn please send him a donation so he can purchase a dark suit and tie?

Future Remembrance Sundays dressed in this attire would honour, rather insult the many millions who have died and fought for our freedom.

Jennifer Roberts

Norbreck Road


Lantern tribute for mental health

My name is Charlotte and I am competing in next year’s Miss Lancashire and we have been set the incredible task of raising money for charity, and I have chosen to raise money for MIND.

This charity is very close to my heart, as I have suffered from mental health problems for many years and many of my friends have fallen victim to them also.

In commemoration of those who have lost their lives to this difficult battle I would like to set off lanterns with my community from central pier in Blackpool on December 8 at 7pm, in memory of our loved ones.

I was just wondering if anything would be able to be published in order to promote the cause, and to tell people about the facebook page and my go fund me page to help raise as much money as possible.

I truly believe this event will help people commemorate their loved ones, joined together with their friends and family.


Via email


Working with a learning disability

This month we are marking Learning Disability Work Week, to celebrate the contributions that people with a learning disability can make in the workplace.

Did your readers know that approximately eight out of 10 working age people with a learning disability have mild or moderate learning disabilities, but less than two out of 10 are in employment?

We are passionate that having a disability should never be a barrier to people living their lives to the fullest and I’d like to take a moment to tell your readers how as a charity we support people with a wide range of disabilities.

I work for Revitalise - an amazing charity that provides respite holidays for disabled people and carers, at our Sandpipers respite holiday centre in Southport.

Our holidays are all about enabling our guests to enjoy new experiences and to spend time enjoying each other’s company.

With the support of our volunteers, we create a relaxed environment where our guests can freely interact with one another, while building upon their skills and confidence – something that can be incredibly beneficial, not only personally, but professionally too.

We are proud to be expanding our variety of themed weeks for 2019.

To find out more about Revitalise, our breaks or to discover ways that we may be able to help you visit: www.revitalise.org.uk or call: 0303 303 0145.

Stephanie Stone