Letters - November 12, 2019

Not all our MPs are a total waste of time

Tuesday, 12th November 2019, 5:00 pm
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It’s very easy and unfair to label all MPs as, ‘They’re all the same and a waste of time’, which can be heard among some voters.

To be an MP in this day and age of instantaneous world news and social media is hardly a walk in the park.

MPs are often placed in very awkward positions - situations where they have simply not had enough time to think about the complex questions.

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Some MPs are very dedicated sincere hardworking individuals who are simply not in it for the money. There are of course some MPs who have blatantly abused their elected positions with arrogance and insincerity.

As a regular commuter on the West Coast Mainline, I often see MPs travelling from Manchester or Preston to London. MPs with constituencies based hundreds of miles away from Westminster cover many extra hours commuting and continue working whilst on the train.

It must be very disheartening for some MPs who receive unfair criticism whilst they are doing their upmost best to try and make a difference. They certainly need a thick skin.

Keeping cool, calm and collected during the frustrations of The Brexit Saga must be a real challenge for MPs regardless of how they voted at the referendum in 2016 . Given the chance could the public equally sit on a debate panel and face an auditorium audience on national television and answer off-the-cuff questions/arguments with absolute precision and clarity?

Whilst down the pub, how many times have you nearly lost your rag during a conversation with an ignoramus, a bigot or delusional idiot?

Thankfully these days MPs are under a lot more public scrutiny than in the past. They cannot hide in the same way they could say a few decades ago or cover up matters so spectacularly like in the past .

The expenses scandal in 2009 in my opinion was a massive breakthrough for transparency. It was the start of a breakdown of the insincerity often found amongst the privileged old boys’ club.

I’m pleased there is greater transparency today and the days of the nod, wink or a funny handshake are in decline.

It’s not surprising that several MPs have decided to bow out of politics at the next election. Over the next few weeks MPs will be under immense pressure during a very difficult political period. Many placed between a rock and a hard place with their constituents and their party colleagues due to the ramifications of Brexit. It seems the bitter divisions over Brexit will continue and distract the Government from focusing on other priorities .

Is Brexit a good idea? Is it really worth it?

My honest analogy is this... unfortunately Brexit is like cutting off one of your arms in a desperate attempt to lose weight.

Stephen Pierre

Campaigner for social justice


No moderation from Johnson

The recent appeal by the Archbishop of Canterbury for moderation in political debate seems to have been overlooked by Boris Johnson.

To compare Stalin’s executions and forced deportations of the Kulak community with Jeremy Corbyn’s perceived attitude towards wealth creators is totally unacceptable.

David Algar

Address supplied


Help children

at Christmas

Last year, thousands of people came together to attend 121 local Christingle services across the Diocese of Blackburn.

These special events raise money for The Children’s Society to help vulnerable children and young people. They enable us to provide direct support to those who may be experiencing abuse, neglect or mental health issues, children who may be living in poverty, as refugees, or missing from home or care.

Their Christmas may be broken, but together we can help these young people to rediscover hope for the future.

That is why I am encouraging people from the local Lancashire area to attend a service and donate to The Children’s Society - please join us and share the light of Christingle.

Mark Russell


The Children’s Society


Not just to die for Christmas dinner

Christmas is supposed to be a time of peace and goodwill to all - and that should include animals.

Sadly, every millions of turkeys are slaughtered for food in the UK, many of whom are killed for Christmas dinners. Each of these animals was an individual, who deserved to live free from harm and exploitation.

Animal Aid’s Their Christmas Wish campaign shines a light on rescued turkeys who were lucky enough to escape the slaughterhouse and now get to live their lives out at animal sanctuaries.

One of these is Dee Dee, who is an astonishing 12 years old and still going strong (turkeys raised for ‘food’ are often slaughtered when they are between 18 and 20 weeks old).

There are also Audrey and Maria who were due to be slaughtered for Christmas dinners last year, but were thankfully saved and now spend their days relaxing at an animal sanctuary and hanging out with their chicken friends.

Their Christmas Wish shows that turkeys are amazing animals, with personalities, and that no animal deserves to be slaughtered for Christmas dinner. Not least because it has never been easier to enjoy a plant-based festive feast, with recipes galore online and every single major supermarket having huge vegan Christmas ranges.

In fact, we’re here to help. You can sign up to support Their Christmas Wish and receive a free vegan recipe book by visiting: www.animalaid.org.uk/their-christmas-wish or phone 01732 364546.

Tod Bradbury

Campaign Manager

Animal Aid