Letters, Monday, January 27, 2020

Speed limiters are  a better solution

Monday, 27th January 2020, 6:00 am
Updated Monday, 27th January 2020, 11:03 am
Smart motorway

Nine people have been killed on Smart Motorways (SMs) and the Department for Transport is due to publish a review. But it won’t resurrect the dead and tell the full story.

When architects, engineers and inventors design something, if they ignore the laws of nature/physics, their design is doomed to fail. Given the laws of nature, if too many people become ill/injured, hospitals can’t cope.

When SMs were designed, the laws of nature/physics were clearly ignored.

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Highways England only use sensors to identify a possible breakdown, meaning it takes an average of 17 minutes to identify one. The AA deem SMs to be so dangerous they won’t let their patrols stop in live-lanes to help stranded motorists.

Stopped Vehicle Detection technology, which is capable of identifying lone breakdowns, is only available on two stretches of the M25. Subject to funding, they’ll be included on any new SMs built after March this year, but it won’t be included on the M62 between Liverpool and Manchester, due to open later this year. More senseless deaths?

Had speed limiters been fitted to cars in 1969, the UK wouldn’t need Smart Motorways, and our whole transport system, and maybe the high street, would be ‘super-healthy’. Our NHS and care homes would be better placed to cope with the nation’s illnesses.

Allan Ramsay

Member of RoadPeace


We’re struggling to sustain the world

The planet is in danger of extinction due to the actions of mankind.

In an attempt to avoid total disaster, we are constantly being told to stop using fossil fuels, stop using plastic bags and become vegans.

However, the main problem, the elephant in the room, the thing that everyone skates around and is loathe to talk about is world population.

Our planet is overcrowded. Some experts say that the current population is already three times greater than the optimum our planet can support and we are still breeding at an alarming rate.

Natural checks on the size of the population have been removed.

We are struggling to sustain the world population we have, let alone what it will be in 10, 20, 30 or 50 years time.

Richard Saberton

via email


Concerns over population

The comments by TV presenter Chris Packham (pictured) regarding disease and population pressures must be treated with caution.

Developed countries, including China, Japan and the USA, have been moving towards a crisis as births are diminishing.

Growth is only sustained by an ageing population or immigration.

M Beaumont

address supplied


Complain to the police? Good luck

I think the police complaints procedure leaves a lot to be desired as does the general service of the police.

In the last five years I have reported an assault, robbery and a dangerous driver. The police failed to get the CCTV from the nightclub where the assault took place and that was the end of that.

Regarding the robbery after dialling 999 it took the police 30 minutes to arrive after 2 police cars drove straight passed me on Clifton Drive allowing the gang of robbers who were stood outside a pub in St Annes to escape.

I also provided the CCTV of the dangerous driver to the police and nothing ever happened. After numerous e-mails to the officer and sergeant no response, no follow up.

The complaints procedure for the police is appalling and a long drawn out process, complain to the sergeant then inspector then superintendent then finally the Independent police complaints commission. The police try their very best to lengthen this process by ignoring e-mails for months so by the time you get to reporting to the IPPC everybody has either left that position or can’t remember what happened.

Is it any wonder why people take the law into their own hands to get justice?

Roger Tretton

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Term is not helpful - focus on poverty

Apparently the phrase ‘white privilege’ is gaining popularity with the PC Brigade.

Has anyone told the homeless white man that he is privileged because of his skin colour? Secondly, focusing on race will never solve the poverty issue which affects all colours etc. Why not use the words ‘rich privilege’? That is more appropriate and will focus attention on the inequality of rich and poor.

common sense

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Idea to eliminate extremism

As the Liberal Democrats consider their future, I think that the UK would benefit from having three main, almost-equal parties.

The views of politicians from all sides and angles of our democracy would nicely eliminate extremism and input vigour and energy.

Mr P L Taylor

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