Letters - Monday, January 20, 2020

Choice to put Labour on path to wilderness

Monday, 20th January 2020, 5:00 pm
Rebecca Long Bailey

If the Labour Party wishes to provide a grown-up credible and genuine liberal democratic opposition, something that every true democracy needs, it will elect Sir Keir Starmer as its leader.

He is an intelligent, decent and moderate politician with friends across the party divide.

His politics are miles away from those of demagogues who rant forth from the nearest soap box.

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If, on the other hand, Labour, currently in a coma, wishes to end its existence by resorting to suicide it will elect either Long-Bailey (pictured) who is a close friend of Corbyn and Momentum or Lady Emily Thornberry of white van fame.

April, is a turning point for Labour.

If it gets it wrong it will not see power for many, many years ahead, if ever.

Dr Barry Clayton

Thornton Cleveleys


Separated by a common language?

I have recently been amused by several letters referring to idioms, and thought I might share one with you.

My sister-in-law married an American and has lived there for many years.

However, in the early days, she was at a family function and was keen to mix and get to know people.

She got chatting to a gentleman who she knew had been going through a bad spell.

“Oh well,” she said. “Never mind. Keep your pecker up!”

She was bemused by the stifled smirks and shocked embarrassment of her hosts.

Roger Crossley

Address supplied


Time for review of Palace media staff

Recently we had a photo of four generations of the Royal Family showing the succession, barring accidents. This seemed to make it clear who was in and who was not.

Beyond that, we have a “crisis” as the younger royals reach middle age. It is obvious that their roles will change. No more dashing young military men and girlfriends but maturing married men with families to consider. What’s wrong with a review? I’m sure Princess Anne could give many pointers. She appears to be the busiest in the family supporting the Queen.

However, none of the above is the crisis. The crisis is a press corps bloated out of all proportion. Time for a drastic review of Palace media staff. Too many which can only lead to inaccuracy and contradiction.

As for the media, too much opinion and speculation and too many “sources” (which means I am making this up). The scrums of press totally dominating events is stomach-churning and made even worse by moronic royal watchers waving mobile phones in everyone’s face.

Despite all views to the contrary, the Royal Family is not a branch of showbusiness, but part of our democracy. I have a higher opinion of the Queen as head of state compared with the current nonentities in Parliament.

David Collins

Address supplied


Queen saddled with Royal Family

We have a Queen who has never put a foot wrong, who has been wonderful in every sense of the word and yet has been saddled with a family who have seemingly done their very best to bring shame on the Royal Family.

Apart from the three divorces, she now has a grandson who has allowed his divorcee wife to rule him and brought shame on the name of Windsor and Sussex by totally ignoring the rules and protocols of our Royal Family. His wife then hides away in Canada, leaving her son in the care of others.

Harry was respected and even loved for his involvement in Afghanistan and subsequent Invictus Games, all of which he has thrown away by his current actions. It seems to me that he is acting like a spoiled brat and should be brought into line by his father and brother.

Peter Hyde

via email