Letters - May 23, 2017

Cannabis use amongst the over 50's is on the increaseCannabis use amongst the over 50's is on the increase
Cannabis use amongst the over 50's is on the increase
ESTATEClosure will be a sad loss to communityI was very sorry to hear of the imminent closure of Grange Park Post Office and Newsagents. Another vital service to the community lost!

Mr Peter Collins , the Postmaster and his excellent staff have served the residents of Grange Park estate and the surrounding area for many years and will be a sad loss to the community.

I understand that the shops are to be demolished and are to be relocated to another part of the estate.

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What a pity that the post office could not join them! I understand, however, that the post office is to be reopening in Cunliffes Garage and the Londis Store on Garstang Road in June, hardly convenient for the residents of Grange Park.

Garstang Road is a permanently busy main road with two crossings, one near Plymouth Road roundabout and the other at the junction of Blackpool Old Road, neither situated where they are needed in relation to access to the post office.

So the next question is, where are the Park Ward councillors involved? Has there been any thought for the estate residents regarding the closure of the existing post office? Can there be provision for a pedestrian crossing? Perhaps wheels are in motion, I certainly hope so.



Harewood Avenue



Silent fracking vigil was anything but

Yet again, we have seen another anti-fracking demonstration, which was advertised as a ‘silent vigil’, dissolving into public disorder involving disruption for another local community, its businesses and its police force.

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It was interesting to note that one of the candidates for the Green Party was in attendance at this “vigil” which was taken over by masked individuals who seem to need their identity protecting. The various footages of the incident clearly show many of the attendees being very aggressive to our local policemen and policewomen, and, even worse, the police state that one of their vehicles was prevented by the protesters from responding to an emergency call.

This is unacceptable.

How can Tina Rothery (the Green Party candidate) support and condone such action when her recent candidate statement clearly states “….it is about supporting local democracy…”? The democratic process has taken place, having followed the rules and regulations, and has come to a conclusion. By all means the objectors can continue to follow the democratic appeal process, but violent demonstration is not part of the democratic process.

Frank McLaughlin

Address supplied


Sea air and booze are not a great tonic

In the Gazette on May 12, there was a report of a case at Blackpool Magistrates’ Court.

The man’s defence when found asleep in the chippy was he rarely drank and was more in to going to the gym and playing football.

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Visitors should be made aware that Blackpool sea air is very powerful and I think contributes to the potency of alcohol consumed and I think the main culprit for drunkenness in visitors to Blackpool.

Kevin Gooder

Clinton Avenue



Don’t vote to make
cannabis legal

Anyone thinking of voting for the Lib Dems, on the strength of their pledge to legalise cannabis, and to make it easier for young people to get on the housing ladder – might like to think again.

For anyone earning a low income, and looking to save for a mortgage, they could save on travel costs by cycling. However, if cannabis is legalised it could turn motor vehicles into serious killers. In Italy, in 2010 a speeding driver, high on cannabis, ploughed into a group of 10 cyclists, (from a local gym), killing eight of them instantly.

Hundreds, if not thousands of cyclists have been seriously injured/killed in Britain, by drivers high on cannabis.

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And it doesn’t necessarily need a driver to be high on it to kill, it could be their passenger.

In 2016, high school teacher, Sam Boulton, 26, was fatally injured, as he cycled past Leicester railway station: a taxi passenger opened her door, and knocked him into the path of a van, whose driver, an alcoholic, was three times over the drink drive limit. In failing to stop he said, ‘he only left the scene due to shock and panic, and not because he was over the drink drive limit.’

The passenger was fined £80, the same fine as for littering. The van driver got a suspended 26 week prison sentence; on condition he attended a 12-week alcohol treatment course.

Not only can cannabis make people potentially lethal, it can make them act totally irrationally in an emergency.

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I’ll vote for the party who puts the value of life of vulnerable road users above that of a ‘sniff and snort’.

Allan Ramsay

Address supplied


Is this Labour’s 
date with destiny?

It is rumoured that Corbyn’s supporters are so distraught that they are demanding the month of May be remained ‘Corbyn’.

Apparently, the constant presence of May on our calendars is rattling them no end. Whatever next.

Dr Barry Clayton

Thornton Cleveleys

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