Letters - May 21, 2018

Dangers of cannabis use outweighs '˜gains'

Monday, 21st May 2018, 3:26 pm
Updated Monday, 21st May 2018, 3:31 pm
Photo: SYP

Cannabis has wrecked so many lives and, following research, there is now documented evidence that the drug causes psychosis and is directly linked to violent crime, including murder.

It has also been established as the underlying cause of the surge in gun and knife-related crimes.

It is interesting to note that the Metropolitan Police files show half of all deaths are due to the drugs trade and, in other studies carried out, it was found two thirds of those who commit murder have a history of cannabis use.

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If ever proof were needed to highlight the connection between cannabis users and shocking criminal acts, we only have to look at a few cases including Salman Abedi, the terrorist who carried out the Manchester Arena bombing atrocity, who was a frequent and heavy cannabis smoker; the terrorists who killed soldier Lee Rigby; the perpetrator of the Westminster Bridge attack and too many more to mention, all cannabis smokers.

I have personal knowledge of a case where an intelligent, pleasant young man had led a normal life until he became a frequent cannabis user and tragically ended up committing a horrific murder.

All these terrible acts of violence should shame the liberal elite who are pushing for cannabis to be decriminalised and also the police, whose attitude is far too relaxed in dealing with drug users and dealers.

Prosecutions for possessing cannabis have plummeted while the numbers needing medical treatment for smoking the drug have soared.

Drug addiction and the associated mental health problems are a ticking timebomb and have a devastating effect on society.

The dangers of cannabis far outweigh any so-called ‘health benefits’ but those who misguidedly claim otherwise obviously haven’t had to pick up the pieces of shattered lives like so many families have had to do.

Susan Richardson

via email


Is landmark site now 
allocated to festival?

This is not by any means a complaint, but is a request for information.

The organisers of the Lytham Festival, Live Nation (Music) Ltd (previously Cuffe and Taylor) have lodged a planning application to Fylde Council to install an under surface fibre optic cable system enclosing the full perimeter of what is now called the ‘Festival Site’ on Lytham Green.

The application has been verified and advised on by Mr Bell, head of Leisure and Cultural Services within Fylde Development Directorate at Fylde Council.

Lytham Green was gifted to Lytham by the Clifton Estate and its use is subject to covenants.

Subsequently, using delegated powers, the covenants were amended by the council to accommodate various events, including the Festival.

There was a 10-year contract between Fylde Council and Cuffe and Taylor for annual temporary use by the latter for the Lytham Festival, with a fee based on a rent plus a percentage of ticket sales.

Presumably now, with the installation of the buried fibre optic cable, the site is now permanently allocated to the Festival?

Regardless of the reason stated for this installation, the press release indicated that the cable will provide a free wifi facility at all times for the public.

Presumably then, the fibre optic cable will facilitate export and import of live streaming and so provide the option for live imaging, from remote venues, to the festival site. Therefore, it may be reasonable to suppose that the site will become a satellite, on a pay for entry basis, for live events from other locations ?

If this were to be the case, will the council receive adequate fees and retain adequate control over use of the site ?

Peter Thomas

Via email


Unite to help fix dementia care

I want to encourage your readers to unite against dementia and take action to fix dementia care in Lancashire.

An Alzheimer’s Society investigation has discovered that 50,000 people with dementia were admitted to A&E across the country in the last year, because inadequate social care is leaving them unprotected from falls and infections.

This is a 70 per cent increase in the last five years, which tallies with cuts in social care funding.

Successive governments have shirked the issue of our threadbare social care system.

People with dementia are now forced to rely on services so starved of funding that they’re unable to protect them from harm and the doors of A&E, let alone provide specialist care and support.

There are 16,280 people living with dementia in Lancashire and this number is expected to rise.

The Government must work out how it will deliver high quality social care to everyone with dementia who needs it, and at a fair price.

Find out how you can take a small action to make a big difference and help fix dementia care at www.alzheimers.org.uk/daw


Operations Manager for Alzheimer’s Society Lancashire