Letters, May 18, 2019

Lucky to have teens like these

Friday, 17th May 2019, 5:34 pm
Doris Day

On Monday, May 13, there was an injured bird outside Poulton’s Teanlowe Centre.

A group of mid to late teens actions saved the bird from a lonely and cruel end.

They were phoning round to get help which did arrive. They stayed with the immobile bird, ensuring its safety, for about two hours.

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We are lucky to have such people in our local community, well done!

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Nigel is back... but still no good ideas

So Nigel is back. Having spent years campaigning for Brexit, but never developing any ideas of how to implement it, how hard to drift into obscurity.

Luckily for him, and the many others who have jumped on the bandwagon, things have dragged on so long that he can carry on as an MEP for a few more years, drawing a handsome salary while biting the hand that feeds. Still no constructive ideas for a successful Brexit though...

Phil Cray

via email


Let’s look to Europe and replace NHS

It has been said that the NHS is no longer fit for purpose, but the main problem is that our high expectations are based on a number of myths.

The NHS is not free, neither is it available to all at the point of delivery and it can take a month to see a GP with millions on waiting lists. We need to follow the example of the rest of Europe by denationalising healthcare provision and replacing it with health insurance.

MW Nicholson

via email


Doris Day was one of all-time greats

The recent passing of the legendary Doris Day is sad news indeed.

She was one of the most loved singers and actresses of the 1950s and 60s.

Who can forget the glorious movie Calamity Jane and its Oscar-winning song Secret Love?

Day is said to have recorded this song in one take, which, if true, is a remarkable achievement in itself.

There is also the sublime Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera).

She was also a very good actress and excelled in light, fluffy romantic comedies, of which she made many of with Rock Hudson and James Garner.

Perhaps Pillow Talk was the best known.

She gave so much pleasure to so many people in what can only be described as a glittering career.

Rest in peace.

David Gibbs

via email


Needs to be another vote

No europhobe has yet even attempted to give me an intellectually coherent answer to this question as to how British youth benefit from being deprived of the cherished opportunities provided by EU freedom of movement which Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn seem prepared so casually and callously to discard.

But I know where I stand. It is in favour of a confirmatory referendum which would ask:

1. Do you support the EU withdrawal agreement as negotiated between the UK Government and the EU?

2. If not do you a) want to remain in the EU or b) leave the EU with no trade deal?

If the UK electorate is foolish enough to vote for 2b then arrangements could be made to leave within 48 hours.

James Bovington

via email


Owners must pay to fix mistakes

So the Government is going to foot the bill for replacing the cladding on privately-owned high rise buildings.

The Government’s money comes from the taxpayer, you and me.

Why should we have to pay for someone else’s failures?

Surely this cost should be met by either the manufacturers or the companies who fitted it or both if they knew it was not fit for purpose?

The last thing this country needs, when its vital services are grossly underfunded, is to fork out millions to rectify other people’s mistakes.

Paul Morley

via email