Letters - May 16, 2016

COLUMNWe build people up, not knock them downI was shocked to read what Jim Hobson wrote in Wednesday's Politically Correct piece. I am sure David Cameron has had many sleepless nights, worrying about the health of his disabled son, Ivan.

Monday, 16th May 2016, 12:01 pm
Updated Monday, 16th May 2016, 1:06 pm
Prime Minister David Cameron arrives at an anti-corruption summit held at Lancaster House, London. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Thursday May 12, 2016. See PA story POLITICS Corruption. Photo credit should read: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

We are all shaped by our upbringing and the challenges we experience, and to write someone off as uncaring because they may be better of is just as crazy as writing someone off because they were born with less. This is just crass, old fashioned, politics of envy, it is lazy and it is unfair.

It is the politics that kept Labour out of power for 18 years, and it is the politics that will keep them out of power again. I am sure many a moderate Labour supporter will be spitting feathers at the two steps backwards his comments have sent them.

We in the Conservative Party celebrate all our leaders, they could be the son of a lord (Churchill), the son of a carpenter (Heath), the daughter of a grocer (Mrs Thatcher), the son of a circus performer (Major), or the son of a stockbroker (Cameron); they all share one thing, they get there on their own merits. I am often reminded by the 1992 election slogan, ‘What do the Conservatives offer a working class boy from Brixton? They make him Prime Minister.’

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So Jim, you may wish to pull people down for no more than who their father was. We build people up regardless of background.


via email


Prayer is a power not to be ignored

I must respond to Kevin Gooder’s letter, “Only prayers can save Seasiders now.” (Gazette, May 12)

If Kevin is correct in his presumption that when a fan placed a bet of £10 at 5000/1 on a football outcome and it was due to “Divine Intervention,” we will all be queuing up to join his church. But he didn’t exactly win millions.

He then talks of the “Power of prayer and blind faith.”

He concludes by telling us the only way for Blackpool FC to progress is to pray.

Seriously though, if he is not the sort of bloke who strokes a rabbit’s foot, shakes hands with a chimney sweep, buys lucky heather off a gypsy and doesn’t walk under ladders, he will know that Christians understand the true meaning and purpose of prayer.

Prayer is the raising up of the heart and mind and soul to God.

Not to be taken lightly, scoffed at, and like so many Christian practices in our country now, to be derided, ignored and banned.

Mike Picewicz

Warbreck Hill Road



Scouts going from strength to strength

I read with interest your article about the new youth club forming on Grange Park (Gazette, May 11) and wish them every success, which hopefully will match Blackpool Scouts’ experience of the enthusiasm from the young people of Grange Park and Blackpool.

4th Blackpool Scouts have a well-attended and successful group of more than 60 young people which only started in 2014, who meet every Thursday on Grange Park. We provide a wide, interesting and diverse programme of events which is fun, challenging and adventurous for all young people aged between six and 18, and there is always room for more young people and adult helpers at the 4th and across Blackpool.

The leaders at 4th Blackpool have achieved steadily increasing numbers of young people from starting with a group of Scouts (10.5-14 years) and have now opened a Cub pack for 8-10.5 years and Beaver colony for 6-8 years.

You can see more of what we do or contact us on Facebook, Twitter, www.blackpoolscouts.org.uk or [email protected]

Katherine O’Connor


Blackpool District Scout Council


Flag waving display might be a mistake

I drove through Staining village today and was surprised that at each end of the village the flag poles are flying the EU flag. I am sure, previously, I have seen the Union Jack.

I was pleased to see that the War Memorial flag pole was correct, but I felt that it was politically incorrect to change to this flag so near to the referendum.

It would appear that the Staining committee are biased! Do they have a response?

Kate Cliff

Poulton le Fylde


English patients are getting a raw deal

I was shocked and appalled to learn that parking charges have suddenly skyrocketed at Blackpool Victoria Hospital by as much as 80 per cent, with the cheapest short stay now priced at £2.50 for up to two hours.

Full day parking will now cost as much as £6 (Gazette, May 12).

With patients and visitors to nearby hospitals paying much less for their parking, these new charges amount to nothing more than a tax on the sick and the vulnerable. During the General Election last year, I campaigned as the UKIP health spokesman on the need to scrap these unjust parking fees.

In Scotland, most hospital parking charges have been scrapped entirely, saving hard pressed patients and visitors over £25 million since 2008.

Meanwhile, similar charges have disappeared in all but a few hospitals in Wales. Isn’t it about time we scrapped these charges here too?

It seems that, once again, it is the English patients who 
are the ones left getting a raw deal.

Louise Bours

UKIP North West MEP