Letters - March 7, 2019

Anti-semitism is ?a cross-party issue

Thursday, 7th March 2019, 11:21 am
Updated Thursday, 7th March 2019, 12:23 pm

Re: Anti-semitism in the UK Conservative Party (source: Wikipedia).

I’m sick to death of the character assassination of Jeremy Corbyn in particular, and the Labour Party in general, by the national media regarding anti-semitism.

It has become a major distraction to the really urgent matters that need dealing with in these troubled times.

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I decided to investigate further.

It immediately became apparent that the issue of anti-semitism is a very old matter, dating back centuries, and has been exposed many times along the way within BOTH Tory and Labour parties, along with other political parties.

I personally don’t bear a grudge against anyone with religious beliefs so long as they don’t hold a grudge against me for having none.

Most recently it seems that the Tory Party has included many noisy anti-semites within their own ranks, so could this please be considered a cross-party, cross-society issue in future?

Peter K Roberts

via email


Definite way to 
end knife deaths

Every day in our country innocent young people are being stabbed to death. If one carries a knife and kills someone by stabbing that is murder, if the sentence for murder by stabbing was capital punishment then knife crime would stop overnight.

Stan Bowden



Give us investment not Brexit bribery

Theresa May’s ‘Stronger Towns Fund’ smacks of desperation from a government reduced to bribing MPs to vote for their damaging flagship Brexit legislation.

The reason our towns are struggling is because of a decade of cuts, including to council funding and a failure to invest in local businesses and our communities.

We’ve lost £830m to our local economy since austerity kicked in. Some £231m over a reported seven years for the whole North West won’t even scratch the surface to repair the damage this government has caused.

This only confirms that they not serious in their commitment to town’s like ours. We need stable investment, not a one-off Brexit bribery to help a struggling Prime Minister get her failed Brexit deal through Parliament.

Chris Webb

Labour’s Parliamentary 
Candidate for Blackpool North and Cleveleys


May needs to be more like Thatcher

Theresa May should not take ‘no deal’ off the table. If she does, then Barnier and Co have no need to give anything, capitulation is complete. Donald Trump and Margaret Thatcher would have negotiated far better than ‘the cave-in Queen’.

EU countries are terrified of a no-deal Brexit, they know that they have far more to lose than Britain. The £39bn which May has promised as a divorce settlement, although they are not legally entitled to it, would not be paid and they are desperate for money.

The EU countries have had a massive trade surplus with Britain every year since we joined, and they cannot afford a no-deal Brexit. Time to start acting like another Thatcher, Mrs May, and try some hard talking.

A phone call would save time and humiliation.

Terry Watson

via email


Chlorinated chicken nuggets anyone?

Soon we’ll all be out of work, eating US chlorinated chicken economy nuggets from the booming local food bank; sick, as we’re unable to pay for insurance for health care controlled by US pharmaceutical firms; and living in country more divided, bitter and segregated than ever before... but at least we’ll be ‘free’.

Nathan Skelly

North Shore