Letters - March 31, 2016

ENERGYCuadrilla shows '˜a lack of respect'I was very concerned to read of the announcement by fracking company Cuadrilla, of their new head office opening in Bamber Bridge, near Preston.

Thursday, 31st March 2016, 1:31 pm
Updated Thursday, 31st March 2016, 1:36 pm
LAUNCH CEREMONY: Bill Beaumont, right, and Francis Egan at the office opening

Following an inquiry lasting six weeks, which dealt with Cuadrilla’s appeal (from which they are to claim costs), for them to announce the opening of a new national base in Lancashire within a few days of that inquiry concluding smacks of arrogance and a lack of respect for the feelings of the communities which they claim to care about.

Many responsible residents, and the county councillors who last year took the decision to reject both Cuadrilla’s applications for shale gas exploration at Little Plumpton and Roseacre, have conducted themselves with restraint and in a most considerate and democratic manner; how sad that Cuadrilla themselves choose not to echo this.

The Planning Inspector who chaired the inquiry is collating the information from the inquiry in order to prepare her report for Secretary of State Greg Clark. He alone, a representative of a pro-fracking Government, will then make the final decision as to whether fracking exploration will take place here.

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The timing of this office opening is therefore most insensitive and surely serves to possibly predetermine the final decision.

How can we believe that Cuadrilla will conduct fracking safely and responsibly when they act in such an inconsiderate and uncaring manner by announcing the opening of a new head office before they have been given any mandate to proceed with operations?

John Bailie

via email


Fracking firm is far from being a giant

I am somewhat incensed by the language used by the Gazette’s sister publication, the Lancashire Evening Post in their article announcing the opening of Cuadrilla’s new HQ in Preston and referring to them as an energy giant (March 24).

I did a bit of research into the net worth of the Cuadrilla companies and the following is what I found.

Cuadrilla is a piddling little company who, as a result of having Lord John Browne as a major investor (via Riverstone Holdings) and Centrica have unbridled support from this government. That doesn’t in anyone’s imagination make them a “giant”.

Cuadrilla Resources Holding Ltd is a private company, not listed on the stock market, with a net worth of £15.4m

Cuadrilla Resources Ltd has a net worth of -£1.9m, yes that is a minus figure.

Then there are all the subsidiary companies, all of which have a negative net worth.

These figures represent a large number of negative equity companies, to the tune of £51,897,384. Therefore, as a group of companies, Cuadrilla has a NEGATIVE WORTH of £36,497,384.

Does that look like a “giant” to anyone reading this?

Bob Dennett

via email


Blackpool are the hosts with the most

I should like to congratulate Blackpool and the Winter Gardens for holding the International Fitness Showcase at the weekend, in which my daughter-in-law and granddaughter, who are from Yorkshire, took part.

They were absolutely delighted with the beautiful venue and the facilities provided.

The running of the event could not have been bettered, and they shall return again next year.

Well done Blackpool!

Mrs M Livock

Shore Road



Pavilion plan is an insult to Lytham

It cannot be! Where is the outcry? Lytham must rise up... You are set to be monumentally demeaned.

For of all the most stand-out towns in the land, it cannot surely acceed to the proposed new-look Lowther Pavilion (as illustrated in the entertainment venue’s current What’s On guide)

It is an architectural nightmare. In fact, even to this commoner, and colleagues’ eyes, it’s an abberation. Just modular, single storey, strung-together boxes. An insult. A featureless folly mocking all the surrounding Gardens, the Greenswatheland and the acclaimed architecturally outstanding residences.

No-way,too, does can it reflect the aspired-to rennaisance of this historic, much-loved and regarded community and far and wide-renowned arts and entertainment asset..

Maybe a showdown is already awaiting a big, back-to-the-drawing-board concept curtainup call. That might, hopefully, spark a better legacy for Lytham St Annes.

LSA Devotee

via email


The council must work with hoteliers

I totally agree with the letter from Mr J Brabin (Your Say, Gazette, March 29).

I attended the Visit Blackpool & Pleasure Beach season launch event, and I was just a few feet away from CounCampbell when I witnessed her refusal to accept a flyer introducing the Central Blackpool Business Forum. With council cutbacks, the need to work with community and/or business groups becomes essential.

The council also needs to look at companies draining Blackpool of cash and look to them for support. Hotel booking websites drain many thousands of pounds, not just out of Blackpool but also the country, “Starbucks Style”. It would be prudent for them to work with Visit Blackpool, maybe sponsoring an event or part of the Illuminations, and getting them to de-list all accommodation with a review level below five or even six out of 10.

Ian White

Hull Road