Letters - March 24, 2016

TRANSPORTAirport could have revitalised townWhat a brilliant letter in Tuesday's paper from Phillip Mumby,a person who cares deeply for his home town.

Thursday, 24th March 2016, 9:13 am
Updated Thursday, 24th March 2016, 9:17 am
An aerial shot showing the boundaries of the Blackpool Airport enterprise zone.

I to care passionately about my home town, especially the airport – I have mentioned before about my father, who queued with his granny in the 1930s to see Amy Johnson.

I live quite close to the airport, and I get choked up when I see what is happening, is anyone on the council a real sandgrown’un? Why can you not see what you all have done? How on earth can you justify another enterprise zone, how can you justify more concrete car parks, in place of the beautiful buildings you have ripped down?

How do you justify moving the monstrous Wilko to the Houndshill from the so-called Gateway to Blackpool?

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How can a delegation go to China to promote ballroom dancing, when you should have been promoting that when you land in London?

You prefer to rip the heart out of Blackpool. I am disgusted at the lack of vision to promote this beautiful town.

Jean Stainsby

via email


EU referendum will be our liberation

What a sad sight the Prime Minister looked, trying to sell a very poor deal.

It has dawned on him that he is not going to ride the European gravy train like the Blairs and Kinnocks, and many thousands of other ‘fat cats’.

Multi­nationals and big companies are also all of a panic – they see an end to cheap labour that has kept wages low for years.

Let us leave the sinking EU ship and go on to prosper in the wider world.

On June 23, vote OUT and let’s make June 24 a public holiday, to be called forever more, ‘liberation day.’

Long live free Britain.

P Ward



It’s time to lay off the animal lovers

I think it’s about time certain people called it a day on these very unpleasant tongue lashings against Josephine Harwood.

A few months ago a Mr/Mrs/Ms name and address supplied did the same as Marlene MacFarlane (Letters, March 14). How do these people know what Mrs Harwood does with her time and money, other than animals?

There are quite a lot of us out here in this often cruel world where we mix caring for animals and humans.

I don’t know this lady, but she has been very ladylike by not answering her critics, and I don’t recall Mrs Harwood begging for money for cats. Her letters are giving advice.

Last week I picked up my rescue cat. She’s lovely. Thought you might like to know that Ms MacFarlane.

J Wood

Address supplied