Letters - March 19, 2019

Clean up and have pride in your area Clean up and have pride in your area

Tuesday, 19th March 2019, 2:18 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th March 2019, 2:23 pm

I want to know when a new law is going to be made which will ban bins being left out in ginnels and in front of terraced houses?

This is causing a big problem. They look disgusting, most of the lids are not even closed.

Black bags are plonked on the front - people are too lazy to recycle.

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I live locally and my front and ginnel are kept clean.

The dustbin men and passers-by have remarked on it.

I also use a picker to pick rubbish up.

I was brought up to be clean and have pride.

Where has people’s pride gone?

Why can’t the people who have dirty ginnels and house fronts get together and clean up? Do they need educating to use a brush and shovel?

Children also need to learn not to throw litter on the floor. Bin it or put it in your bag and take it home.

Name and address supplied


We will never trust you again Gordon

As our MP, Gordon Marsden, have you the faintest idea how disgusted many of your constituents, and I am just one of them, are feeling about your betrayal to us in a leave voting constituency?

Not to mention the way Parliament has been deeply discredited in the eyes of the voters here and across the nation by their patronising behaviour.

You were elected on a manifesto to deliver brexit.

If you were against it you should have stood aside and allowed someone to represent your constituents views and vote to uphold them.

Many will never trust you or your party again.

Many will never trust parliament again.

David Slattery-Christy



Fitness support under threat

The Conservatives are consulting on their budget proposals to take away funding that has been delivering physical activity to thousands of Lancashire residents, which the Labour administration introduced.

Thousands of people are still unaware of how the project could change their lives as these are the people who may be referred in the future but may not have the opportunity to take part in the physical activity.

The Conservative administration at Lancashire County Council is proposing to change the way they deliver physical activity and healthy weight programme in order to achieve savings.

They are going to offer mobile apps and website as an alternative to having contact with a person in a fitness suite.

They are going to promote running, walking and cycling in our country side.

The National Institute for Health & Care Excellence guidelines (NICE) recommends exercising three times a week for 30 minutes.

Through the Active Lives programme, residents can achieve this but now the 12-week gym sessions are under threat.

For over eight years, I was employed by WLBC to run the GP Referral Scheme, Life Matters.

I saw hundreds of residents attend the supported gym session and for them to go on to take a membership out and to continue to exercise.

The evidence shows that being made to feel comfortable and supported gave them the confidence to continue.

I have yet to see any clinical evidence that mobile apps or websites are successful yet there is a lot of evidence that referral schemes do deliver sustainable healthy outcomes.

Have your say on these cuts at http://www3.lancashire.gov.uk/corporate/consultation/responses/response.asp?ID=365.

Coun Nikki 

Lancashire Labour Group