Letters - March 16, 2016

TOURISMChinese wouldn't want to come hereSo the council have added another money-wasting perk to their positions (Gazette, March 12). Trips to China to promote ballroom dancing using hard-working taxpayers' money, or is it from the parking fees taken from visitors in an attempt to ruin our tourist trade?

Wednesday, 16th March 2016, 12:05 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th March 2016, 12:16 pm
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I remember an article in the Gazette about a year ago in whch the council couldn’t work out why international visitors didn’t come to Blackpool. A reply to that article, which I kept, stated the council was the only 0.01 per cent of the population that could see why.

So now the 0.01 per cent have decided to go and promote ballroom dancing. It was with total disbelief that I read Shelagh Parkinson’s article.

The Chinese may have an interest in ballroom dancing, but what makes the council think that the Chinese will come here?

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If they came once, they wouldn’t want to return to the filthy streets and back lane ways, to feel threatened by the anti-social behaviour that isn’t addressed. The loutish behaviour, the drunkards swaying in the streets, the drug addicts threateningly begging for money, or the homeless sitting with a donation paper cup in front of them.

Rather the council should be putting an effort in to stopping Manchester, Liverpool and wherever sending all their homeless, helpless and hopeless low life here.

When will the resort’s councillors come out of their ivory towers and open their eyes to what the reality is in Blackpool and work to improve that, and our image here, before jaunting off on a pointless, money-wasting gallivant overseas?

And now, in the Gazette of March 14, the top story is the incompetence of the council in properly maintaining street sweepers, and so again our taxes are wasted on premature equipment replacement.


Trevor Davis

Lord Street



An A-grade solution to bus route muddle

The proposals to extend some service 9s to Victoria Hospital and some service 14s to Peel Park from April 1 will cause some confusion to passengers.

Would it be possible for those extended services to be identified with an auxiliary number (as Classic Bus currently do and Blackpool Transport used to do) – ie 9A and 14A.

Not everyone gets time/opportunity to read a destination board when identifying which bus to get on (especially if running towards the back of a bus standing at a stop) and relies on the number board rather than the destination board to establish whether to board the bus or not.

Having an “A” suffix will resolve the problem.

Name and address supplied


Why are piers in poor condition?

I have just returned from a weekend trip to Blackpool, many I do each year.

One of the many reasons I visit Blackpool is to experience some of Lancashire’s finest treasures – its three glorious piers,North, Central & South Piers.

The North Pier has a special place in my heart retaining some of its uncommercialised character.

I was, therefore, disappointed to find that on a fine sunny weekend the majority of the pier closed.

The condition of North Pier is a disgrace. The owners have made little progress in restoring the Pier to its once proud Victorian past. Beach users below would genuinely be at risk from flying debris. The condition of the majority of seating is simply disgraceful and heartbreaking to witness.

I went to see the condition of the other two piers, Central and South, and they were not much better.

The condition of seating at Central Pier is appalling with rotting seats as is the majority at North Pier.

It is heartbreaking to see these once icons of Lancashire’s heritage being neglected in this way.

Everyone knows its a costly business to maintain Blackpool’s Piers with storms they endure.

Peter Sedgwick said his wife would one day own Blackpool’s North Pier after he proposed to her on the pier.

If I was his “wife” I would be giving him an earful for the clear neglect of Blackpool’s oldest pier and one of Lancashire’s treasured icons.

Michael Moulding




It seems no one cares about litter

THE current campaign to ‘Clean for the Queen’ seems like a good idea, but why is it necessary? The reasons for litter are many but here are a few.

Firstly, we were taught at school to be neat and tidy.

Second, there is a law against litter dropping but, since there are few or even no police to enforce it, it is totally ignored.

Third, the numerous take-aways used by inebriated or semi-inebriated customers create a ready-made environment to produce a lot of litter.

Fourth, the councils used to employ road sweepers who took a great pride in keeping the place clean and tidy. Alas they can no longer afford to do so, due to Government cuts.

Some time ago I followed a school bus at leaving time, and saw numerous crisp packets and even drink cans carelessly tossed out of the windows by the pupils.

I contacted the school to be told that they had no responsibility in the matter and I should contact the bus company.

With that kind of attitude, how can one wonder why the pupils act as they do?

Peter Hyde

via email