Letters - June 7, 2018

We didn't need that big wheel anyway!

Thursday, 7th June 2018, 4:15 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 2:38 pm
The Big Wheel in Liverpool which is similar to the one proposed for Blackpool, on the headland near South Pier.

So let me get this right! Coun Tony Williams doesn’t think Blackpool gets enough visitors, convinced we missed out on the big ferris wheel by

South Pier (The Gazette, June 4).

Good news for Newcastle as an attraction with their new leisure development but we have leisure developments here:

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* The Pleasure Beach (not just any old fairground) with the new ‘Icon’ to attract even more visitors as well as all the theme park rides that draw in enthusiasts.

* All three piers, each with rides, including the big wheel on Central pier established on the skyline.

* The Tower and all within this iconic leisure development, as well as indoor leisure venues along the Golden Mile and onward.

Imagine the danger from gales blasting off the Irish Sea battering a massive ferris wheel?

Riders being catapulted through sea facing hotel bedroom windows comes to mind!

Clifford Chambers



Fatal fire turned into a class war

Within hours of the fire destroying Grenfell Tower and the death of 72 people the ultra left planned a campaign to vilify Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council. They were described as toffs, filthy rich, and uncaring.

The hate campaign was ably supported by parts of the media, anxious to stir the pot. The fact that the cladding used was also used by some Labour councils was conveniently forgotten.

A class war developed, fuelled by the bussing in of left-wing activists. True to form, carefully selected people were interviewed who chanted ‘the council don’t care’.

Celebrities who knew nothing about the fire were wheeled into studios to weep and shout and condemn. Daily the myths about the fire and the council grew.

At last the truth is emerging.

It is now clear that the residents were not neglected by the council. Social workers did not fail to help survivors. In fact all local services pulled out all stops to help.

So-called facts have been exposed as downright lies. Those rehoused have not been put in third-rate apartments. Some have spent months in top-class hotels. Over 35 people who survived have praised what the council and social services have done for them, a fact yet to be mentioned by Corbyn and his colleagues.

Another fact that has been ignored by the ultra left is the number of phoney victims of the disaster who have claimed and received thousands of pounds in relief. Several have been charged and one has been given a prison sentence.

The whole dreadful affair has been used by Labour to foster a sordid hate campaign against the council. It is a prime example of how to deliberately falsify evidence so as to smear those you hate.

Dr Barry Clayton

Thornton Cleveleys


Leave bragging until later on

I saw a couple of ex-burglars on TV telling us what we should do to avoid being burgled when we go away for those two weeks in the sun.

Top of the list, which was pretty obvious, although it doesn’t register with some, was don’t post the fact you are going away on Facebook.

Duh, you don’t say.

Why do some people have to give a running commentary from the moment they leave the front door, telling all and sundry the house is empty and ready for the taking?

Some things don’t need to be said.

Maybe leave the bragging and pictures till you return home.


Address supplied


I really Icke-d what
I heard from David

I’m one of the many people who based my opinion on David Icke from his infamous Terry Wogan interview of 1991.

I was shocked to hear therefore how sane and down to earth he came across in his online interview on The Gazette website. Thank you.

RicharD tandy