Letters - June 4, 2018

Traffic calming causing drivers so much stress

Last Tuesday my car needed a new rear offside shock absorber after the one I had on snapped in half.

The reason I believe this happened was due to the third world road surface that is Dinmore Avenue. It has cost me £70.20, which is a lot for someone on a basic pension.

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The road humps are the main cause of these problems; cars are parked on the ones at the sides and partly on the pavement.

This means that all the traffic down this road is going over exactly the same spot at the middle of the road, causing rapid wear.

I believe that these ‘bus cushions’ should be replaced with full length ramps, which are wider, to stop the buses from getting straddled on them.

There are three of these, one at the start of Dinmore Avenue next to Boundary Court, one outside of what used to be The Dinmore Pub and the third at the Gateside Drive end of Dinmore near Boundary Primary School.

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These ramps slow the traffic down and the traffic has a wider area to go over the ramps so they are not all going over exactly the same part.

Since these full length ramps were put in they have not required any further attention.

There is also work needed on the ends of Easington Crescent (pictured), I have heard mobility scooter users complaining about the area being unsafe. All these problems can quickly be sorted with a little bit of nous.

Terry Bennett

Dinmore Avenue


30p bus charge soon adds up

Stephen Pierre advocates concession holders paying a flat 30p fare on each bus or tram trip (Your Say, May 29).

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This is all very well but he must realise that 30p each trip soon mounts up to a sizeable sum. For two people to go to town and back is £1.20. If you travel to town four times a week (as my wife and I do) that’s £4.80, which is the best part of £250 a year. This is a big lump out of a fixed pension.

Can I ask Mr Pierre to ‘do the maths’ before he says that no one would object to paying 30p for a bus ride?!

Brian Massey

Bispham Road 


Stop complaining and be responsible

It is the time of year when we are treated to the annual whining of parents who complain about not being allowed to take holidays in term-time without the threat of a fine hanging over them. What tosh!

Apart from a few parents whose employers may put constraints on them from taking holidays during term-time, many of these will be catered for by understanding schools. So most are just complaining about the cost of holidays.

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There are some who say holidays are educational, but they are equally educational when taken during the official holidays. This is just clear hypocrisy – they just don’t want to pay the full price of holidays.

When you are a parent, you have responsibilities and they include sticking to various rules and regulations, including those regarding the timing of the child’s education.

For those who complain about travel firms putting the prices up during school holiday times, they are clearly wrong.

Like all good businesses, they are there to make money, not act as a charity, and so they make most of their income when prices are at their normal level due to the high demand.

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What the companies do is lower the prices, outside peak time, to attract people to fill potentially empty seats and hotel rooms.

Also think of the teachers. They have a hard enough time looking after so many children that are class disruptive and anti-social.

Don’t make their life even harder by trying to help children catch up when they have been taken out of school.

Come on parents, stop complaining and take your parental responsibilities seriously. If you cannot afford a trip abroad, don’t have one! You have no divine right to one.

Ivan Kovacks

via email


I’d rather watch
the grass grow

Love Island is back on the box.

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There’s big hype surrounding it. I’d rather watch the grass grow in the garden, to be honest, but obviously it has its audience.

Danny Dyer has apparently given his daughter, also called Dani, who’s going on the show, his blessing for her to have sex on TV. Is it really the job he wants for his first-born, parading on TV with very little on and jumping into bed?

I find it hard to believe that any parent would want this for their child. Then again, people want to be famous for anything these days. Going on shows like these guarantees you get your 15 minutes of fame.

Jayne Grayson

Address supplied

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