Letters - June 30, 2016

Many use them, even if you don't

Thursday, 30th June 2016, 1:02 pm
Updated Thursday, 30th June 2016, 2:02 pm
Blackpool Central Library  a useful lcommunity asset?

Your writer, Fifty Something, appears to hold that any service or facility not of use or convenience to him (or her) is of no use and should be closed (Your Say, Gazette, June 27). As rightly stated, libraries are used for many reasons and by all ages and persons of different walks of life (this does include workers).

As a disabled person, who has to use a mobility device, I cannot take advantage of swimming pools, gyms etc. but that does not mean that I am against sport and games. These are a wonderful recreation for those who are able to participate. It’s the same with libraries, they are there for those who want and are free to take advantage of the services they offer. But don’t begrudge something you cannot or do not use.

Incidentally, most libraries have at least one late opening during the week. Opening hours are usually clearly displayed.

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By the way, I pay full council tax and income tax, so as with your unknown correspondent, I pay towards these functions,

Brian Massey

Bispham Road



Leaving EU doesn’t do us ‘oldies’ any good

I agree with Josephine Taylor’s letter(Your Say, Gazette, June 28)Not all “old” people voted out at EU referendum.

I recently received an e-mail from an organisation for older people informing me that their own survey of members showed 72 per cent voted remain and 23 per cent voted leave. The e-mail added: “We will now be in a long period of political instability. While markets crash and turmoil is generated across Europe, the austerity agenda will grind on. It will be difficult for senior citizens issues to be raised in such a climate.”

This just shows it would not have been beneficial for loads of ‘old people’ to have voted Leave at the referendum.

P O’Connor



From Great Britain to a Little England

Well I hope you lot are satisfied you’ve turned our country from Great Britain to what will finish as Little England.

Why? Clearly when the dust settles, Scotland will have gone and Northern Ireland will be more allied to Eire.

So we can also no longer claim even to be the United Kingdom.

You’ve done a great job with no call for the ‘Hip,hip Hooray’ from your correspondent Alex (Your Say, June 25) who has not even the courage of his convictions to add his full name.

You’ve also prompted the exit of a fine prime minister, who will be replaced by what, a buffoon with ulterior motives (who only wanted ‘out’ to improve his chances of being PM)?

Who was the last ‘Prime Minister of Mirth’ – was it Robb Wilton? – what a farce we face if he moves into No.10!

As an octogenarian, it won’t make a great deal of difference to my life, but at least it will give me a giggle for what years remain.

That’s when I get over the fact Blackpool showed the highest desire to get out!

No doubt some clever clog with more political nous than me will come back and try to explain why this happened, but time will tell who has the last laugh!

Neil Kendall

South Shore

Armed forces

We must look after our children better

So, Blackpool Transport is reportedly to give free travel to armed forces personnel (Gazette, June 22).

Do people know what goes on?

The military routinely portray combat and weaponry as clean and exciting, which misleads kids about the nature of warfare.

It involves children of primary age holding guns and sitting in tanks, giving them the message that weapons and uniforms go along with fun and entertainment.

War is not fun, violence is not entertainment, young people have to make up their own minds about the moral complexities of war as they grow up.

The Government is always trying to present the army as a good career choice when falling short on recruitment targets.

Britain’s involvement in wars have less and less public support.

The Government and arms industry ramp up the image of the armed forces with little regard of how they operate in private.

Events like Armed Forces Day allow the military to portray itself in a positive light, despite evidence of a culture of brutality emerging during the latest ‘Deepcut Barracks’ inquest where Judge Brian Barker QC highlighted bullying and sexual harassment.

Britain at the moment is the only European country to enlist 16-year-olds, which is in breach of international agreements.

We should all be looking after our children better.

Royston Jones

Beryl Avenue



Stick ghost train on the roundabout

As a sandgrown’un I was saddened to read there wasn’t funding to repair the helter skelter sculpture at the M55 roundabout in Marton (Gazette, June 24).

I have watched the slow decline of Blackpool over the years, and it angers me to learn of the money wasted on certain projects by previous councils and present.

So why not make the most of Carnesky’s Ghost Train and stick that on top of the roundabout?

And, for decoration, stick a councillor who was responsible for it on one of the carriages.

‘Hawk Eye’

Patterdale Avenue, Blackpool