Letters - June 24, 2016

HEALTHThanks to all those who helped my mum A year ago, my mum, Norah Hopkins, had an accident in her garden which changed her life forever.

Friday, 24th June 2016, 9:31 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 6:36 pm
Picture by Julian Brown 21/01/16 GV view of ambulances at the A & E Dept at Blackpool Victoria Hospital NB Picture taken from the pavement

This letter is a way of saying thank you to every health professional involved in her care during the past year. These people meet patients day in day out, but they have all treated my mum with compassion, patience and understanding.

Special thanks must go to Dr Ted Furness, HCA Donna and all the staff at North Shore Surgery, plus the District Nurse Team attached to the surgery. BVH Ward 35 and John in the physiotherapy department who gave my mum the confidence to walk again.

Although it has been a very difficult year for my family, I thank each and everyone of you.

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Tricia Ellis

via email


Let’s start a race to cut the town’s grass

Reading about Scorton steam fair (Gazette June 21), it said that lawnmower racing is always a big draw. This could be Blackpool Council’s solution to getting the grass cut free of charge.

Malcolm Boyce

Deepdale Road



We have been too lax with capitalism

Without going into the details of the demise of BHS, which are well known, the lesson for the Government is clear.

Without stifling enterprise which has brought great success to this country in the past, capitalism must not be allowed to run on too loose a rein.

There has been too much laxity and the result is bigger and bigger scandals in banking, the Stock Exchange and business generally.

Let us hope those responsible for the BHS debacle are brought to book. Unfortunately, civil servants and politicians are not best qualified to manage this. Business itself has a prime responsibility to keep its house in order.

Don Burslem

via email


Her Majesty shows the way for others

I have always liked and admired the Queen, along with one or two other members of her family but after the birthday weekend, my list got a little longer.

I know the thousands of people in the various areas will have had countless members of the security forces scattered all around, but there was still large spaces from where the crowds were lined up to the actual road, yet the Queen and Prince Phillip, along with all other members of their entourage, travelled in open cars or carriages.

They were all “easy targets” should there have been any terrorist fanatics in the crowds, and yet the family chose to be near and mingle with the people who waited so long to cheer and wave.

Good for you your Majesty and family!

Edna Levi

via email


Can you help mentor ex-service people?

SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, is the oldest national military charity in the UK. We have been providing vital support for our troops, veterans and their families for over 130 years.

More than 17,000 soldiers, sailors and airmen left the British Armed Forces in 2015 and the journey back to ‘Civvy Street’ can be a difficult time for some of them, with their job, home, income and support networks all changing rapidly, and at once.

The SSAFA mentoring programme works alongside the Army, RAF and Royal Navy, to pair up military service leavers with a mentor, as they navigate their first year outside of the Forces.

SSAFA is urgently looking to recruit members of the local community in Lancashire who can listen, support, motivate and inspire those who have served our country, as they make the transition back into civilian life.

SSAFA is looking for mentors of all ages and backgrounds who have an hour or more to spare once a week and in exchange the charity will provide a training programme and ongoing support from its central office team.

Contact us on 0800 032 5612 or apply at www.ssafa.org.uk/mentors.

Karen Oldfield

Head of Specialist Services, SSAFA


Major Tim’s honour is well-deserved

One of the famous faces to be honoured in the Queen’s birthday list is astronaut Tim Peake. He must be very pleased at the award. So much so that his feelings must be out of this world and over the moon.

Malcolm Shedlow

via email