Letters - June 22, 2016

ENVIRONMENTLet's take pride in our great town I have just returned from an evening with my husband in Blackpool town centre.

Wednesday, 22nd June 2016, 11:21 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 7:18 pm
Blackpool promenade (for tourism jobs and visitor numbers story).

We walked into town from our home in Marton, and enjoyed a delicious meal at one of our favourite restaurants, but, as I said to my husband, ‘would you want to bring any of our visitors here?’

The nearer we were to town, the dirtier the streets became. You had to watch where you were walking. Queen Street, in particular, was a disgrace.

We often have friends and family visiting but tend to avoid Blackpool in the evenings in particular. What is that saying about our fabulous resort?

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I wonder how many of our councillors actually venture into the town centre in the evenings?

We thought we would finish the evening with a stroll along the promenade and there, by the tourist information office, was a man urinating in the doorway. It was still daylight.

Those of us who have lived here all our lives are dismayed at the lack of vision our councillors display. We have a unique position in this nation, and we owe it to our forefathers who coined our motto ‘Progress’ to maintain and uphold this gift of a resort. Do councillors ever visit other resorts? Even Poulton and Preston look pristine compared to Blackpool. That is my challenge! Do they ever think ‘we could learn from this’?

Yes, I know grass is growing, but our town’s income relies on tourism. Please, please, keep our town centre streets clean; police anti-social behaviour; and help to bring back the glory days so we can entertain our guests in the town centre with pride.

Elizabeth Boniface

Beechfield Avenue



Get these road works finished

Instead of borrowing millions to spend on the idiotic new tramway up Talbot Road, which nobody will use, I suggest the council spend money getting those nonsensical roadworks at Watson Road Bridge done – it is most dangerous, there has already been one accident and there will probably be more in the near future.

It wasn’t long before they did the alteration that they had railings from the bridge around the corner and up Watson Road about 20ft, which meant children couldn’t see traffic coming round the corner. I also recall reading that a child had been knocked down and had injuries to her neck.

Whoever plans and passes these works should be sacked.

Gordon Annand

via email


Power inquiry needs all your attention

On Friday morning the referendum results will be published, at the same time the Competition and Markets Authority will publish the results of its crucial investigation into how you should be charged for your energy.

The very fact that it is being published when everyone will be looking at the referendum should tell you that it will be very important, not very palatable and we should be sitting up and taking notice.

Once again, energy consumers will be left wondering why their bill has changed and will be told “we told you last year”. Is it any wonder there is so much anger when we are being treated in such an offhand way?

Ah well, we have always got smart meters to look forward to, when the energy companies will introduce the possibility of charging different rates for your energy at different times of day. I suppose we will be told about that at some opportune time, when the public is once again distracted by big events.

Coun Gordon McCann

Preesall Town Council


Facts on the Regent’s last picture show

Congratulations to Richard Taylor for restoring Blackpool’s Regent Cinema for weekend movies under the name People’s Picturehouse (Gazette, June 16).

I’ll correct the info on some under-researched internet sites about the last cinema years of the old Regent.

Film buffs may like to note the venue did not show its last films in 1969, as often stated.

While the venue had winter bingo, it had long summer seasons of major films for another two years. In 1970 it was the year’s Royal Performance film, Anne of a Thousand Days, and in 1971 the attraction was Cromwell, starring Richard Harris.

The last Gazette film ads for the Regent give its closure date as October 23, 1971.

Barry Band

via email


Our library is hugely important to us

When did ‘Fifty Something,St Annes (Your Say, Gazette, June 13) last visit their local library?

I called in to my local library this morning. What a lifeline it is to old and young alike, and how busy! Babes and mums, toddlers,oldiesand students.

After chatting to friends over a coffee, I changed my books, viewed the latest books, music, and films available and ordered a new book just out. I looked at all the notices about events in our community, and picked up some leaflets to take home.

Someone was photocopying, another checking information in the computer suite (help on hand if necessary from friendly librarian).

On the way in I looked at a display of knitted items for sale for charity. Hundreds of pounds have been raised over the years by members of the library craft group and other crafters doing their bit for local charities.

‘Fifty Something’ writes about ‘diverting funding to a more worthy cause that will make a difference to people/care services’. Our library is exactly that cause and makes a huge difference.

Come on LCC! Please don’t close us down.

Janet Bacon

via email