Letters - June 21, 2016

EUROPEWe are no longer a sovereign nationWe are no longer a sovereign country. We are treated by the bureaucrats of Brussels as region of an EU country. Thousands and thousands of rules and regulations have been imposed on us, which affect every aspect of our life, such as VAT on sanitary towels.

Tuesday, 21st June 2016, 1:39 pm
Updated Tuesday, 21st June 2016, 2:43 pm
What are the two sides of the EU debate saying about the economic risks of staying or leaving?
What are the two sides of the EU debate saying about the economic risks of staying or leaving?

We want our parliament to make our laws , our courts to implement them. Our businesses cannot cope with ever increasing, unmanageable regulations from Brussels. and do business abroad with a disadvantage of EU restrictions on our trading with non-EU countries.

Our public sector is straining to the limits and can no longer cope with ever increasing EU immigration –quarter of a million migrants to the UK from the EU are in urgent need of financial support, too few jobs are chased by too many, lower wages for working people, less secure borders.

David Cameron’s so-called concessions can be overturned, as already EU courts have overruled British laws on issues such as counter-terrorism powers, immigration, VAT, and prisoner voting.

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Once we regain our sovereignty we will shed EU imposed trade restrictions and penalties for trading with non-EU countries, and have mutually beneficial understanding agreements on defence, foreign policy, terrorism, crime and various areas of concern globally, with 193 countries including the EU, Commonwealth and the USA.

We do not have to be a member of the EU to trade with it. Switzerland is not a member but trades more with EU than we do. While in EU, we are not allowed to negotiate our own trade deals with key allies such as Australia, New Zealand, USA, and growing economies like India and Brazil. We are the world’s fifth largest economy. It is a fantasy to believe that once out of EU we will not be able to stand on our own.

Vote out on June 23. And get our country back

Dr Anthony Nixon

via email


Brexit would deny others opportunities

I would like to give my opinion on the discussion about whether or not the UK exit the EU.

I am from Germany and I had the opportunity to visit Blackpool with a student exchange programme back in 2013.

This exchange was a very unique experience, and I had a really great time.

If the UK exits the EU, exchanges like this won’t be that easy anymore and my teacher said that it would be to much to organise, so that our school won’t take part at this exchange programme any longer.

Because of that I want to appeal to every reader to vote for the EU, not against it.

My time in Blackpool was one of the best experiences in my life, and I don’t want others to miss the opportunity to experience an exchange like this.

Carla Huvermann




Leaving the EU is the road to prosperity

As the Referendum draws to a close, the remain campaign is focusing on unbelievable economic effects of leaving, probably because they think nobody can forecast the future.

Norwegians were told that unless they joined the EU their currency would be devalued, they would lose 150,000 jobs and food costs would increase. Sound familiar? After rejecting EU membership they had cheaper food, an increase of 10,000 jobs and their currency increased.

The EU has destroyed some of Britain’s most prosperous industries. Britain’s fishing industry and fish stocks have been decimated. Britain used to carry out 12 per cent of the world’s clinical trials, now down to one per cent following the EU’s Clinical Trials Directive. The Port Services Regulation, designed for state-owned continental ports, will hugely damage privately-owned British ports. EU energy policies have driven energy intensive businesses –steel, aluminium, fertilisers, cement, paper and glass –outside the EU.

Britain is losing £2.5 billion a year in trade because internal squabbles in the EU are delaying trade deals.

If we vote to remain, we are writing a blank cheque to allow the EU to continue destroying and asset stripping our economy. Voting to leave and get back control is the road to prosperity.

Roy Hopwood

North Promenade

Thornton Cleveleys


It is not unpatriotic to vote to Remain

The effects of a possible Brexit are already hitting the financial markets and foreign exchanges. A ‘Leave’ vote will lead to political uncertainty, a downward economic spiral and our country being isolated.

All impartial experts have the same conclusion. Brexit is not a political party, they have no alternative policies. The exit process will take years and create more uncertainty.

We can make changes from within the EU and leaving is not a magic wand to eradicate our problems. We have come through dark financial times and can weather the worst humanitarian problems since the Second World War with support from other EU nations.

It is not unpatriotic to vote Remain. It is unpatriotic to allow individual disagreement on some issues to cause problems for our country for years to come. It has to be a Remain vote on Thursday.

DJR Preston

via email


Will we avoid the EU vote juggernaut?

When the Bank of England and every independent expert tells us that Brexit will undermine the economy and job prospects, the Leave campaign parrot their usual riposte that it’s just a forecast and is therefore is likely to be wrong.

If you are stood in the middle of the road with a juggernaut bearing down on you, my forecast is that you are in deep trouble.

Ah, would say the Leave campaigners, it’s just a forecast so don’t worry. Who do you believe?


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This system needs 
to be demolished

We have been told by endless parties about the amount of money we give to the EU.

There has been no mention whatever of how much France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Austria, the Netherlands, etc give. Don’t forget the other five countries that are waiting to join. Germany is the biggest donor. Germany rules the EU Parliament.

Don’t you think that this system has to be demolished?

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