Letters - June 20, 2018

Trampling over the rights of residents

Wednesday, 20th June 2018, 4:21 pm
Updated Tuesday, 26th June 2018, 12:12 pm
The former Northlands Hotel
The former Northlands Hotel

I fully support members of the Central Blackpool Business Forum in challenging Blackpool Council’s planning committee in its decision to allow the Northlands Hotel, on Hornby Road (pictured), to be redeveloped as flats (The Gazette, 13 June).

Over the last couple of years I’ve looked aghast at some of the inexplicable decisions made by the planning committee and/or planning officers at Blackpool Council and wonder what could be the motivation for such poor decision making.

I recall the odd case recently when planning permission was refused for a new shop front on Waterloo Road because the proposed alterations “would not constitute good design”. Many disagreed but, as anyone who has been involved in challenging the council on planning issues, there is no easy way to contest such decisions.

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I’ve followed a number of planning applications for the redevelopments on the South Prom, and in all cases, planning permission was granted in the face of multiple objections from residents and local businesses. These objections were backed-up with support from the council’s own published policies but these were dismissed with no detailed explanation for the decision.

Far too often councillors use the excuse that redevelopment is ‘good for the town as a whole’ as they trample on the rights of local residents. In fact, in many cases, over-development is ruining the town. South Shore has (or had) a wonderful community which is rapidly being ruined by the insensitive decisions made by the council. For example, allowing a six-storey block of flats to be built amidst an area of traditional family homes is driving long-term residents away.

I hear the word ‘regeneration’ used a lot by councillors - usually to justify the development that go against established planning policies. Regeneration is supposed to improve a place or system but, in many cases, these developments do not improve the quality of life for residents or the long-term viability of the area.

What is the point of replacing hotels with flats if there is no prospect of finding buyers for them and the change of use contributes to the longer-term decline of the designated holiday areas?

Alison Tremaine

Osborne Road
South Shore


Only one winner with new ruling

What a disastrous announcement from the Ministry of Transport. So a new addition to your MoT test from now on will mean that if your engine warning light is on, your car will fail, but it’s all because the ministry wants us all to feel safe in our cars and keep the emissions low, said a ministry spokesman.

What a load of twaddle.

The warning light on your car is normally associated with the emissions. Well my engine warning light has been on for the last two tests and it passed the emissions test.

I tried to have it fixed, even though it was legal to drive but after spending over £150 on two sensors and another £50 on a front exhaust pipe, the warning light is still on.

There will be thousands of cars on the road that are perfectly legal but have this dreaded warning light on their dashboard. Now with this new law it is going to devastate lots of people, me included, because in a lot of cases it is going to cost a car owner two or three hundred pounds to get it fixed and in most cases some cars will simply not be worth that kind of money spending on them.

So the Ministry of Transport are not really thinking about our safety at all.

There’s only one winner here and that will be the breakers yards.

Ted Fowler

Address supplied


What about Kim’s labour camps?

From trading insults to shaking hands the Donald and Kim finally meet.

World peace will be achieved, yes that’s great, but when will this dictator be taken to task about the labour camps and brutal regime in North Korea?

Jayne Grayson

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Historic battle 
on our hands

The people of our nation, the Commonwealth and allied countries fought, and many made the ultimate sacrifice, for our freedom from occupation and being able to retain our identity, traditions and national sovereignty.

During the war years Winston Churchill led the nation in the fight and victory against HItler in 1945.

He successfully did so in face of pro-German appeasers within the UK government and establishment.

Step forward to today and we have a different type of ‘battle’ taking place - between the UK and 27 member States in the European Union. A verbal and legal ‘war’ for our freedom from the shackles of being a leading economic and financial contributor to their organisation.

What Hitler failed to do to this country, the House of Lords, some Members of Parliament, the treasury, establishment and some banking and business leaders are trying their hardest to succeed, by placing every obstacle in the way of Brexit and in bringing this country down by remaining tied to the EU in defiance of the wishes of a majority Leave electorate in the national referendum.

Let Brexit prevail and the antiquated House of Lords be culled or abolished, so that we can gain another victory in March 2019 when we leave the EU.


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