Letters - June 19, 2018

What exactly does our MP do for this area?

Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 12:42 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 3:39 pm
Blackpool North and Cleveleys MP Paul Maynard

I often wonder what the Conservative MP, Paul Maynard, actually does for the area he is paid to represent.

This week I was passed a leaflet that he has had delivered in Greenlands Ward.

He uses it to criticise our Labour council for planning to build homes on the site of the now moved Bispham High School on Bispham Road.

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He writes that it should be used as a start-up hub for business.

Does he not realise that is a residential area and that there is a real need for homes? Shops are nearby so it would appear to be an ideal site for more homes. Not light industry facing existing houses.

He also criticises Chris Webb, who has been selected as Labour candidate to stand for parliament for Blackpool North & Cleveleys. Stating that our candidate is not protecting our communities.

What on earth is this Tory MP talking about? Chris Webb is not yet our MP - but will be after the next general election. Chris was born in Blackpool and will make an excellent MP for he truly understands the needs and aspirations of the residents of the area fully.

Mr Maynard boasts that the government has made money available to the police to keep our streets safe. However he fails to mention that nationally there are reportedly 15 per cent fewer police officers compared to 2010. This is due to previous cuts made by his government, which this Tory MP slavishly supported. As a result we have seen crime rise throughout most of the country, it cannot be denied this has happened since government cuts were imposed, cuts that Paul Maynard backed when voting in parliament.

He is misinformed, as is Home Secretary Sajid Javid, who recently stated: “There is no link between fewer police officers and rising crime.”

One could be forgiven for wondering which planet these people live on.

Jack Croysdill

Blackpool North/Cleveleys
Labour Party


Let’s just leave 
the Celts behind

I watched the recent Trooping of the Colour – a celebration of the monarch’s birthday and a tribal affirmation of loyalty and stability and continuity.

The following day whileawaiting The Politics Show, to which I am addicted, I saw a few minutes of The Big Question in which a liberal bluestocking took it upon herself to explain one of the reasons for her tribe’s defeat in the EU referendum.

The reason, predictably enough, was in her view down to English nationalism.

This seemed to me to be an interesting case of semantics and posed several questions: were the soldiers on parade and on the battlefields of English history over centuries Patriots or (God forbid) Nationalists?

Why is it that the Scots and Welsh who bang on interminably about their pride in their nations hardly ever get ‘called out’ in this way? If Nicola Sturgeon gets another Independence vote, and wins, we’ll never hear the end of the joys of being Scottish.

Isn’t it time we left the Celts behind and formed an English Parliament in which we can bang on about our own marvellous country?

James Robson

Address supplied


Hang out with ordinary people

The Daily Mail was making comparisons of Lady Diana and Kate. They printed a picture of Diana winning a race at her boy’s school and called her a hands-on mum. Kate was pictured playing with her kids, doing mum things with them.

The write-up was about what a great mum she is, spending time with her brood and how they were playing and mixing with other kids.

Yes, they may have been mixing but it wasn’t the average places parents hang out at. It was a £500 ticket polo event. Maybe hang out with a few ordinary families instead of the elite, broaden the kids’ horizons.

Jayne Grayson

Via email


We’re ruled by the metropolitan elite

It was heartwarming to see so many women and girls marching throughout the UK to celebrate the extension of the franchise a century ago.

But it is heavily ironic, that, after the largest demonstration of the democratic will in history, the EU referendum, our Remainer Prime Minister, the Remainer majority of her Cabinet, the majority of MPs in Parliament, the civil service and Remainer-supporting media outlets are working to undermine the result and work against it.

After Parliament told us that the final decision on our membership of the EU would remain in the hands of the people, they have rejected our democratic verdict.

For now, democracy is the Government of the People, by the Metropolitan Elite, for the Metropolitan Elite. And the Devil take the hindmost.

For many in the North, the Midlands and Brexit voting areas, that elite has now determined that our votes are worthless. Many of the same elite are damning President Trump for his breaking agreements made in good faith by the United States.

Now the Elite is doing the same to the Electorate, and it begs the question whether or not the decision to offer the People a vote on Brexit was made in good faith.

Keith Punshon

via email