Letters - June 17, 2016

EUROPEBrexiteers forget the good EU can doThe tourist industry in Lancashire is very important to the local economy. Blackpool is rightly proud it's South Beach boasts a Blue Flag '“ a sign of cleanliness and attractiveness.

Friday, 17th June 2016, 10:27 am
Updated Friday, 17th June 2016, 11:28 am

The Blue Flag was created in France in 1985 as a pilot scheme, where French coastal municipalities were awarded the Blue Flag on the basis of criteria covering sewage treatment and bathing water quality. The European Union increased the criteria with the Bathing Water Directive, which resulted in the reduction of neat sewage being pumped into the sea.

Visitors will see find 16 beaches in Lancashire on the Good Beach Guide website. St Annes beach is described as follows: “Sandy beach with a Victorian pier in front of extensive tidal sands and backed by ‘Pleasure Island’. Attractive gardens and a boating lake.” Due to European environmental policies, the sea water quality is an ‘excellent status’.

When going on a European beach holiday, people may make their choice of where to stay based on the quality of sea-water, particularly if they have young children who enjoy playing in the sea.

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It is interesting how Brexiteers have forgotten the good environmental policies the European Union hasintroduced. They like to call them Red Tape.

Carol Fulton

via email


New legislation will hit the vaping trend

I’d like to draw your attention to some new legislation, the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016 (TRPR).

I’m sure most people would welcome any measure that reduces smoking, however these regulations also include harsh measures affecting electronic cigarettes. The Department of Health’s own impact assessment estimates the regulations will reduce the amount of products on the market by 96 per cent, making vaping a less attractive option. Also, restrictions on the nicotine in the liquid will risk sending 252,000 vapers back to cigarettes (nine per cent of the UK’s 2.8 million vapers use a higher level of nicotine than is now permitted). Studies show a level of 50mg/ml is required by the most dependent smokers, far higher than the 20mg/ml allowed by the regulations, this makes vaping an unsatisfactory alternative for people switching from cigarettes.

The TRPR is intended to reduce smoking by two per cent over five years, which is equivalent to 183,000 people stopping smoking. It’s clear this is dwarfed by the amount it risks immediately sending straight back to cigarettes, even before you take into account how many fewer will switch to vaping.

Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians both support electronic cigarettes, saying that vaping is at least 95 per cent safer than smoking. For the Government to disregard their opinion in this way is crazy.

It doesn’t matter if you are one of the 20 per cent of this paper’s readers who vapes or smokes, or if it’s your loved ones you are concerned about – it makes sense to protect the way out for everyone. Please write to your MP at writetothem.com and ask for the TRPR 2016 to be debated in Parliament.

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Such a great night for award-winners

Just wanted to say a big thank you for our award at the Swallowdale £10,000 Community Giveaway.

We are extremely grateful, it was a great night and met some deserving winners and our kids had a ball, so many thanks.

Colin & Julie Bascombe

Bugs 2 Butterflies


Are we going to be left with an eyesore?

Regarding the run-down area of South Promenade and Harrow Place, have we to put up with another eye-sore of property like the Palm Beach, Waldorf and Kimberley?

Surely they must realise this area gives a very bad impression to visitors?

They pass the plans for trams to go up to the railway station, which is a crazy, money-wasting scheme and now they stop developers from a much-needed project.

What’s this council going to do next?

Frank Johnson


South Shore


Can you help our beauty pageant?

I’m Anthony, director of Miss Bispham and Lytham Beauty Pageants. And I’m looking for businesses to work with us.

Can you offer one of our finalists a sponsorship package? Or can you offer one of our title holders a prize or a sponsorship package for the year of their reign?

We are looking for all kinds of businesses – clothing boutiques, health and beauty businesses, hoteliers, the list is endless. In return, we and our finalists will promote your business. You will also be featured on our banner, website and Facebook page.

If you’re interested, email [email protected]

Anthony Turner

Pageant organiser