Letters - June 15, 2016

POLITICSGood manners '¨cost nothingI was disappointed to see Coun Mitchell's personal attack on me in the Gazette (Your Sy, June 13), where he referenced comments I made in the Chamber of the House of Commons to a group of MPs who were seeking to talk over my contribution regarding disability employment.

Wednesday, 15th June 2016, 11:25 am
Updated Wednesday, 15th June 2016, 12:28 pm
Paul Maynard speaking in Parliament
Paul Maynard speaking in Parliament

I place great emphasis on courtesy in the Chamber given some previous experiences, which many will be aware of, where I was not treated with courtesy. I merely suggested to the MPs disrupting me that, rather than exhaust the six minutes I had for my speech, she could make her views known to me outside the Chamber afterwards.

I would urge readers to read the exchange at www.theyworkforyou.com and make their own mind up.

Constituents complain about the childish behaviour of those in Parliament – and I do not disagree with them. Good manners cost nothing, and I’m sorry Coun Mitchell doesn’t seem to agree.

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Paul Maynard MP

Blackpool North & Cleveleys


EU did not protect our fishing fleets

The EU protects our wildlife habitats (Gazette, Your Say, June 13). So say our friends from the Green Party. Unfortunately, this didn’t extend to our fish stocks in the seas around the UK.

Plundered by the influx of trawlers and mother ships from all other members of the EU. So bad has been this devastation that our fish stocks have been unable to recover to the levels that existed when we had our own waters. Fleetwood and other fishing ports once had thriving industries and communities, employing many thousands, driven into obscurity on the orders of the European Commission in Brussels. No protection there!

This is just one example of the power Brussels wields when it comes to matters they want to impose. We can object to these matters if not in our interests, but can do nothing about it unless we are able to persuade the other 27 member states to vote against it.

Regardless of denials, it is clearly stated in the Lisbon Treaty that the ultimate objective of the EU is to form a ‘superstate’ controlled from Brussels with a European army, police force, finance and banking regime. Westminster will become powerless, demoted to become nothing more than a talking-shop translating the orders they receive from Brussels into Statutes. No direct power whatsoever!

If you want to live under such a regime vote to stay. I want out!

Derek Bunting

Birkdale Avenue, Blackpool


Thanks to all who helped the RSPCA

The RSPCA Blackpool & North Lancs Branch volunteers, would like to express their thanks to staff and customers who gave money during our week within [email protected] at Squires Gate.
The total raised was a fabulous £457.77 ! 
All the funds raised will go towards the rehabilitation of the animals at the RSPCA Longview Animal Centre in Stalmine. Contact us if you have a few hours to spare to volunteer. Call 01253 703000.

Martyn Tetchener

Branch Manager, RSPCA