Letters - June 13, 2017

ELECTIONMay should stand down as leaderWhile Mrs May's election campaign was shambolic and hidden from contact with the voters, Jeremy Corbyn was a revelation to the overwhelming majority of voters.

Tuesday, 13th June 2017, 4:40 pm
Updated Thursday, 15th June 2017, 9:41 am
Jeremy Corbyn.

People witnessed on Tv, radio, and in mass rallies and the walkabouts, a man who bore no resemblance to the feeble-minded,incompetent extremist caricature sketched by the media.

He refused to adopt the neo liberal consensus that making big business and the rich elite pay more tax is unthinkable, while squeezing low paid workers, single parents, the disabled, the self employed, students, young unemployed and state pensioners is just the way things are.

Corbyn has tossed into the dustbin of history the reactionary assertion that Labour cannot prosper with distinctive progressive policies. Whatever dodgy deals the PM does with the Christian fundamentalists of the DUP, she is dead in the water.

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She should step down now. It is only a matter of time before her time runs out, which could be an early election. But Jeremy Corbyn is ready to answer the challenge of leading the minority government, advocating policies capable of being supported by other parliamentary forces as well widely outside Westminster, merits a positive response. His commitment to guarantee on his first day in office the residence rights of EU nationals living and working in Britain would get negotiations with Brussels off to a more positive start than can be expected from a tory lame duck, and show how well people will live after leaving the EU with the agenda of investment for jobs, housing, public ownership, education and the NHS must be given its opportunity before the tories run out of road

Royston Jones



Wake up before we get Marxist rule

Theresa May won the election, in terms of seats and popular votes. She failed to win a working majority for the following reasons.

Firstly, a bad campaign team failed to appreciate that her opponent is a street fighter. Corbyn’s life has been one long engagement with protest meetings. His first wife said she never saw him because he was at some political rally. May was , and is, too genteel by comparison. He was, therefore, allowed to get away with outrageous promises , such as no tuition fees for university students, an action that would have cost a minimum of £11 billion.

Secondly, Labour used social media to dupe the under 30s. They know little about Corbyn’s support of terrorist organisations, and care even less. His stance on Trident, and his antipathy towards our armed services is of no consequence to an age group reared on Twitter, Xbox games and intent on causing political mischief. The under 20s are rebels like Corbyn. It has always been so.

Thirdly, Tory social care proposals were deliberately distorted by Labour and these were allowed to be repeated without proper rebuttal. Many people do not need the winter fuel allowance.

Fourthly, Labour is dead. It has been taken over by a Marxist/ Trotskyist clique manipulated by Momentum and others. The Democratic Labour Party and the giants of the past that headed it are gone. They have been replaced by an inexperienced, irresponsible and incompetent group of politicians who care little for this nation.

Before the next election young voters in particular need to read about the miseries, the sheer incompetence and the stultifying regimes that Marxist/ Trotskyists, who governed Russia, Cuba, and much of Eastern Europe, inflicted on people. Such regimes still rule in North Korea and places like Venezuela.Wake up before we have one here.

Dr Barry Clayton

Thornton Cleveleys


Rat fear for lake after barbecues

Fylde Council is considering a dedicated barbecue area as a solution to increasing problems caused by visitors to Fairhaven Lake. Apart from the damage to the grass, trees and outdoor furniture, there is another potentially serious problem - that of rats.

Rats are very fond of cooked food debris left behind after barbecues and will thrive and multiply given half a chance, bringing diseases with them.

Members of the Lancashire Gardens Trust on an official visit to Moor Park, Preston, were told by the park warden escorting us that an influx of rats, attracted by left over remains from barbecues, had turned the lake area into a no-go area. Is this what the tourism and leisure committee want for Fairhaven Lake?

Surely not. An infestation of rats would be a disaster for local residents, for thousands of visitors who currently enjoy a day out there, and for Fylde Council.

Barbecues, in my opinion, should be completely banned from anywhere at Fairhaven Lake.

Dorothy Coles


St Annes


Kid gloves

won’t work

So after a third terrorist attack in as many months by Muslim extremists the politicians tell us that atrocities like this are very rare and the chances of being caught up in one are miniscule.

Yeah, right, tell that to the families of the poor innocents left dead and seriously injured.

Looks to me that not only are these incidents becoming more and more common and that these ‘animals’ are striking anywhere but security services are unable to prevent them.

We are assured by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, that London, along with the rest of England, is the safest city in the world.

Again try telling that to the victims’ families.

It’s time that we as a country come together as one and demand that the Government implement drastic measures to ensure the safety of its people. We know where the danger lies we know the danger posed by these Muslim extremists and we know that the kid glove treatment is never going to work.

The sooner we admit this the more innocent lives we will be saved. If internment followed by deportation is the best option then so be it.

So much for the benefits of multiculturalism.

M Mcardle

Via email