Letters - June 13, 2016

SERVICESUse the cash on more useful facilitiesI am not writing in reference to any one particular letter, but to many that have been published over the months and the strength of feeling over library closures. Am I the only person to think that libraries are out-dated and also a huge drain on the shrinking coffers of all local authorities?

Monday, 13th June 2016, 11:40 am
Updated Monday, 13th June 2016, 1:08 pm
A read-in held by the Friends of Ansdell Library as part of their campaign to prevent the library's closure

Why would you use a library? To choose a book to read? Do libraries keep up with ALL the authors and ALL new publications? Of course not, they simply can’t afford to. A far more extensive choice is offered online via any amount of cheap e-readers, and the cost of the book is minimal and quite often free.

Research? Not a chance. Where would you find a better research aid than Google.

Access to the internet for those without a computer? In this day and age, if you haven’t got a computer, tablet or smartphone you obviously have no interest in the internet.

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Hmmm, what else? Of course, to nip into for a warm if you’re homeless. Actually there are funded shelters for that. Obvious result of that quick assessment, close them.

Libraries are usually large old buildings, expensive to heat, operate, maintain and staff and situated in prime development locations.

Now here’s an idea from left field, how about diverting funding from libraries to a more worthy cause that will actually make a difference to people on a daily basis, such as care services, transport to the far reaches of the borough or some other cash-strapped council-funded facilities?

It would be interesting to hear the reasons for keeping them open and depriving more deserving causes from much-needed funding.

Fifty Something

St. Annes


Do bus drivers know where they’re going?

I don’t often go into Blackpool, but today I got the No.14 bus from Carleton and got off at the side of BHS.

I asked the driver if the No.14 still leaves from the side of the old Yates’s Wine Lodge. He said “Yes it does”.

I would have been better asking Blakey from On the Buses. After standing there for 30 minutes loaded with shopping and no sign of a No.14 bus, I was told that it leaves from Market street.

If the bus drivers don’t know where they are going, they should not be in the job ! It was very inconvenient as my husband is not very well and was being looked after in a day care centre, so I was in a hurry to get home before him. Maybe Blackpool transport should make sure all their drivers know where their bus routes and stops are.

Christine Forrest



MP’s behaviour is not up to standard

What a disgusting exhibition by Conservative Blackpool North MP Paul Maynard, who invited his female Labour opponent to “step outside”!

MPs in the Chamber are renowned for interrupting each other, and after six years Mr Maynard must surely know this.

He has always tried to present himself as a nice guy who was somehow not responsible for the endless Tory cuts and attacks upon the poorest sections of our community.

If that was ever believable it isn’t now.

Councillor Martin Mitchell

Councillor for Layton Ward


The EU protects our wildlife habitats

The green spaces we know and love are better protected thanks to EU nature laws and, with just days to go until the EU referendum, it’s time we put nature at the centre of the debate.

Iconic North West wildlife hotspots like the Mersey Estuary, Manchester Mosses, Morecambe Bay, the Lake District High Fells and Martin Mere have an important extra level of protection under EU law.

Nearly 300 green spaces in Britain benefit from being part of an EU-wide network of protected areas. Almost 11,000 square miles of our country’s most precious wildlife sites are recognised by the European Union as special areas of conservation for their rare and endangered species of birds, trees, plants and bugs.

Many of those wishing to leave the EU see nature protection as an unnecessary burden on UK business – we don’t.

It is incredibly important to protect our wildlife at an international level – the animals and habitats we take for granted locally are often rare in Europe – and the European Union is absolutely the best place to work together with our neighbours to do this.

To ensure these places stay as nature intended, to protect the many valuable conservation sites that so many people enjoy, it is vital we vote Remain on the 23rd June.

Jean Lambert MEP,

Molly Scott Cato MEP,

Keith Taylor MEP

the UK’s Green MEPs


Brexit would be a gift for the Queen

Great Britain is no longer a free country. Over half of our laws are made by the European Commission, and we have little say over who comes to our shores. If we were to vote to leave the EU we would again be a free and sovereign nation. Our people would be able to chose who makes their laws, and we can vote them out.

What a perfect birthday gift this would be for our Queen. As it would mean her people are free to govern themselves from Westminster. This would be a priceless gift.

Tom Roberts,

Norbreck Road