Letters - June 11, 2018

'˜Only Labour cares about communities'

I notice that the Royal Bank of Scotland has announced its intention to close a large number of branches nationwide.

Labour shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has requested Government Chancellor Phillip Hammond to intervene in the public interest.

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The RBS – of which we, the people, are majority (71 per cent) shareholders, having rescued the bank from its collapse – has recorded profits of £752m, yet still believes it owes us nothing!

Job losses and cuts to services – and the abandonment of those who cannot use online banking – will do nothing to hinder the scheduled re-privatisation.

How easily are the sins forgotten. Remember why the East Coast railway features in the news.

Only Labour in its manifesto has pledged to tackle the spate of high street bank closures by insisting on complete transparency.

Only Labour really cares about communities.

Paul Burns

via email


Cover-up harder to pull off these days

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The three-part TV drama, ‘A Very English Scandal’ by screen writer Russell T Davies shown last week was fantastic. Both Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw (pictured) played their roles brilliantly.

The complex and secret life of Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe back in the 1960s and 70s highlights the abuse of power shown from those in high places.

It beggars belief how the privileged were able to simply close ranks and tell blatant lies in court and simply get away with it.

The acquittal of Jeremy Thorpe and his associates over a botched attempt to murder Thorpe’s lover Norman Scott, clearly made a mockery of the legal system.

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This story makes you wonder how many other historic Establishment-style cover-ups were colluded within the old boy network in years gone by.

However the historic dams of deceit are certainly starting to burst. Hopefully the rivers of truth will continue to flow, offering justice and making a fairer society for all .

In this modern age with advances in DNA, it’s only a matter of time that those who are guilty of historic wrong doings are found out. Today with cctv, satellite phone tracking systems, social media and internet live streaming footage, this technology offers the police better opportunities in tracking down the bad guys. With greater transparency it also makes corruption at all levels harder to commit.

stephen pierre

Equality & Social Justice Campaigner


Bee one of those out there counting

Friends of the Earth’s is urging people to help our under-threat bees by taking part in the Great British Bee Count, which runs until June 30.

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Habitat loss, climate change, pesticides and intensive farming are just some of the pressures facing these fabulous insects, which pollinate much of the food we eat.

By downloading a fun, free and easy-to-use app participants can find out more about the bees that visit their gardens, parks and countryside – and get tips on how they can help them.

Thousands of verified sightings from this year’s bee count will also contribute to the government’s Pollinator Monitoring Scheme, which is compiling the first comprehensive health check of Britain’s bees and other pollinators .

Get the app and get counting: www.greatbritishbeecount.co.uk

Emi Murphy

Friends of the Earth bee campaigner


Water was less salty at the Lido

Great feature in Friday’s Memory Lane supplement - but what about my all-time favourite the Lido?

I much preferred the water there than the highly salty variant in the Derby Baths.

Syd Bloom

Via email