Letters - June 10, 2016

SPORTING ICONSWhen Ali left critical Parky speechlessI have a fond recollection of Muhammad Ali, who died last week.

Friday, 10th June 2016, 1:14 pm
Updated Monday, 13th June 2016, 12:18 pm
Boxing great Muhammad Ali, who died last week
Boxing great Muhammad Ali, who died last week

In the early 1970s he was being interviewed by Michael Parkinson, when Michael made the mistake of criticising British heavyweight Joe Bugner.

The look of rage on Ali’s face was obvious. He questioned Parky as to what qualified him to criticise, and had he been in a boxing ring. Parky looked terrified, and he went very quiet.

His reply was one of humility.

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Kevin Gooder

Clinton Avenue



A short-sighted way to save council cash

I’m a regular user of Thornton Library and I am outraged that it has appeared on the shortlist for closure. I have always visited the library and I have passed my love of books on to my sons – they have visited the library since they were babies.

Both of my sons attend Junior Craft club, which the library, along with volunteers, runs twice a month on a Monday afternoon – this club encourages children to learn new crafting skills, allows them to meet new people and gives them an opportunity to use the library services. This club is full and I know it has a lengthy waiting list.

Upon hearing the news of the forthcoming closures my sons were deeply upset, as were many other club children and their parents. This club will cease to exist if Thornton library closes.

I understand that cuts and savings have to be made, but Thornton library is a busy community hub. Many clubs are run through the library, you only have to glance at the local links magazines to see that – and, of course, many people including myself use the library to borrow books, use the computer and to obtain advice. I think it is incredibly short-sighted of Lancashire County Council to recommend that Thornton library close.

The library encourages, inspires and educates it also helps to create a sense of community and makes Thornton a better place.

I truly believe that Lancashire County Council should re-think their proposals, as closing Thornton library will have an enormous effect on Thornton and the local community.

Gill Mills

Fleetwood Road



Use creativity to make world better

Many thanks to Rose Morley for her kind approval of my poem Dreams (Your Say, Gazette, June 2).

The compliment is reciprocated, as she herself has had excellent poems published in poetry corner. I take no credit myself for any of the poems, for it is “the Father within who doeth the works.”

He uses us as His instruments, through which good can flow.

We have all been given talents, which we must recognise, develop and use for the betterment of mankind. Painting pictures, sewing, singing, doing ballet, being able to play a musical instrument, creating things out of wood, having “green fingers” in the garden, having a caring, compassionate nature, able to look after other people, are all God given talents which we should be humbled by, and grateful for.

The secret of happiness is within, and there is no need for alcohol and drugs, which ruin lives. It is our responsibility, by our actions, to make sure this world is a better place when we leave, than when we entered it.

Mrs J Geddes

Whitemoss Avenue



Hot-headed cyclists must calm down

WhileI have nothing against cycling or cyclists in general, I sometimes witness acts of complete stupidity from cyclists, especially as the weather gets warmer.

Just today, I saw a cyclist dangerously overtake a bus, followed about 20 minutes later by a cyclist running a red light and almost colliding with me as I crossed.

I don’t know what goes through their minds when they ride as dangerously as this, but for their sake and for the sake of other road users, they really should calm down and put safety first before being able to shave a few seconds off of their journey.

A McCormack

via email


Thanks to all who helped find wallet

A big thank you to Blackpool Transport staff who quickly found and handed in my wallet left on a tram on Sunday.

Everyone was so kind and helpful and I now have it back for safekeeping.

Many thanks.

Jim Fraser