Letters - July 9, 2018

It's not our fault we're running out of water!

Monday, 9th July 2018, 3:24 pm
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 4:59 pm
Nobody wants a hosepipe ban!
Nobody wants a hosepipe ban!

The audacity of United Utilities issuing water saving advice on their website. If anyone ever needed advice on how to save water it is United Utilities themselves.

What have they done with all the rainwater which fell during the last wet winter? Every year is the same.

Hot countries conserve their water but United Utilities seem incapable of doing so.

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Despite this they make millions of pounds profit each year and pay their CEO an obscene amount of salary and bonus.

It’s about time the government took them to task for their continued inefficiency.

Martin Whiteside

Cookson Road

* A few days ago I received an email from United Utilities, with the subject line ‘Water Supply Advice’.

I found it annoyingly condescending and mendacious.

The message stated that United Utilities “needed our help” to avoid a hosepipe ban - or worse.

It states: “If we can all do our bit this will reduce the risk of lower water pressure or no water at all.”

The implication is that if there is a hosepipe ban (or worse) then it is our fault and not theirs.

This is one of the wettest parts of the country and it seems like it never stops raining.

If the water does run out it is fault of this company for siphoning off too much profit and investing too little in a sustainable water network, which would see us comfortably through a decent summer, like other countries do.

They can try their ‘we told you so’ approach - but we are not stupid.

Mike barker

South Shore


How can we trust them on emissions?

Having watched the plumes of smoke from the burning Winter Hill moorland travel 20 miles plus in next to no time I am very concerned about this.

The Environment Agency has complained that air monitoring around the Preston New Road fracking site is proving difficult due to the vagaries of wind direction.

So how can we trust them with the far more difficult yet important task of precise measurement of toxic emissions from there when the constant fracking /flaring commences any time soon?

Please ask them as a matter of urgency and don’t forget that we probably won’t be able to smell or even see the airborne toxins that are being inflicted upon our families.

Peter K. Roberts



Why can’t we have a bus station?

While Coun Fred Jackson seems happy to spend an obscene amount of ratepayers’ money (£600,000) on a few more bus stops and trying to justify it by calling it a “hub”, perhaps he would have the courage to go public as to why we cannot have a modern state-of-the-art bus station. This is 2018 not 1918.

He can give it whatever fancy name he likes, but in the middle of winter the wind and rain will not feel better because we are stood in one of the council’s silly projects.

Come on Mr Jackson, explain please.

Max Pierce

Via email


What next? Stores without workers!

I have heard that a supermarket is opening its first ‘cashless store’.

Apparently it is to cater for the impatience of shoppers and create shorter queues.

(Here’s an idea, why not increase the number of staff on the checkouts?!)

I wonder what the elderly or indeed anyone who prefers to use cash thinks of this ‘choiceless’ concept?

Or if it will increase the debts of those on a budget as they will be less likely to keep a close eye on what they spend (it is so much easier to spend, spend, spend on a credit or debit card than with a £20 note)?

Or maybe that’s the idea.

With cards we can spend to our heart’s content, no longer limited by the idea of ‘living within our means’.

Maybe debt is the future and spending what we actually have is an outdated idea?

Win win for the retail sector. Lose lose for the elderly, the poorest and the most vulnerable in our society.

I suspect also with less contact with hard cash and this seemingly increased impatience for shorter queues, we will all suffer in the long run.

What’s next, a completely ‘staffless’ store to save on salaries?

Shush, best not give the big faceless corporations any more ideas!

molly clare

via email