Letters - July 5, 2018

Prince William does a better job than Boris

Thursday, 5th July 2018, 2:30 pm
Updated Thursday, 5th July 2018, 2:55 pm

With regard to the recent tour of the Middle East by Prince William, I have been struck by the dignity and sensitivity he showed when talking to politicians and religious leaders, visiting sites important to all three religions, the tomb of his great grandmother and somewhere as sensitive as Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial.

He warmed to the youngsters playing football at Jaffa, reaching out to them as others are not always able to do. His formal addresses did not shirk the problems of the region but one felt that he was sincerely concerned to do what he could to address them.

His visit could be a lesson to many of our politicians and especially to our current Foreign Secretary, showing how diplomacy works.

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Regarding Boris Johnson, Great Britain deserves a strong and persuasive representative not a comedy turn.

Perhaps we should offer Prince William the job!

Dr Sheila Hopkinson

via email


You made Vic visit so painless for me

I had reason to wait at Victoria Hospital today as they were extremely busy.

But from the moment I arrived up to leaving I was treated with complete kindness and help.

I just wanted to thank all the staff for making my visit such a painless one.

Many thanks to Victoria Hospital once again.

D Done



We need to tackle ‘moped muggers’

Just about every day we hear of another murder or violent crime being reported, this despite official figure claiming that crime is on the decline.

One of the new perpetrators appears to be the so called “moped muggers” who blatantly rob jewellery and mobile phones off unsuspecting victims with impunity, because police appear afraid of over-reaction by elements of political correctness.

This Conservative government is doing little to assure the citizens of this country they are acting to resolve and indeed reverse the situation.

The Manchester Police Force are however taking the lead on the matter and should be congratulated for their actions, as anyone who has seen the recent news video, in which they arrested two suspect ‘ moped muggers’ in their tracks, will agree. Well done to them.

Now it is surely the duty of this government to ensure that other police forces follow suit.

Phil Griffiths

Broadcaster and Commentator


Contact me before you throw stuff away

For many years I have raised money for charities holding huge sales in the garage here on Archers Farm. Many animal and human charities have received a sizeable donation. Thanks to the Gazette for printing my letters which have asked for items to sell. I have been given, over the years, hundreds of wonderful things to sell.

I’m hoping that I can intercept items that might go into the bin or recycling skip. Last week, I took some garden waste to Lytham Waste Centre in Saltcoates Road. While I was putting a couple of non-recyclable items in the skip, I could not miss seeing a huge amount that must have been a house clearance - highly sellable and out of reach!

Please do not throw away items that I may be able to sell.

Any household items, clothes, bedding or bric a brac, I will do my best to sell them. I have receipts for most of the donations sent to charities since 2003, so I can prove where the money has been sent too. I look forward to hearing from you.

Mrs Susan Ashton

3, Archers Farm
Peel Road
01253 731572 07885438518