Letters - July 20, 2016

EUROPENot all young people wanted to stay inAshamed to be British?

Wednesday, 20th July 2016, 10:47 am
Updated Wednesday, 20th July 2016, 11:49 am
The EU continues to polarise opinion.

How can Julian Wilde (Study Zone, Gazette, July 14) say that just because a democratic vote to leave the European Union hasn’t gone his way?

There is nothing democratic about the EU. It is corrupt and wasteful run in Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg by unelected faceless bureaucrats.

Our members of parliament are elected by us to govern us and set our laws, which can then be overturned by the aforenamed bureaucrats in Europe.

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As for Mr Wilde being ashamed for the young people, let me tell him that my two grandsons, who are aged 23 and 19, both voted out in the referendum.

When I asked them why they had done so, they both replied that they felt they would be better off when the “world was their oyster” without the restrictions imposed by the EU.

Both have university education. They pointed out that a number of their friends agreed.

I would like to point out to Mr Wilde that, without the remain votes from Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar, the final outcome would have been a landslide vote to leave the EU.

So I am proud that the majority of the British people wished to leave the European Union so that we can trade all over the world and make Britain great again.

Name and address supplied


This photo habit is becoming noxious

It was reported recently that three members of the public stopped to take photographs on their mobile phone of an injured and dying man.

It has been apparent for some time that the mobile phone and taking photographs with it has become an addiction. This incident shows it is a serious one.

When people stoop to the ghoulish act of photographing dying people or on the other hand totally innocuous events it is clear that something is very badly wrong in our society.

The ‘selfie’ has become another disease that is spreading rapidly. Both noxious habits are irritating. Those hoping to sell the photographs for money should examine their conscience.

Dr Barry Clayton



A vote for Trident is simply not rational

As the Trident vote is debated, my instinct tells me that that the majority of MPs will vote to renew Trident, despite many reasons to reject it. Mainly its missiles are weapons of mass destruction; more deadly than any that have gone before and therefore needs to be rejected.

The letter in the Telegraph the other day signed by Stephen Hawking and many other eminent scientists and engineers urged MPs to vote against a new Trident missile system.

Another clear reason to be spelt out is the fact that there have been several near-misses where we hear that ‘all out nuclear war’ was only prevented by very level headed individuals, often defying official protocol. The Chatham House study (Too Close for Comfort) has reported on how common these nuclear near misses have been – thirteen of them since 1962. 

It must then be considered that the logic of deterrence will never address accidental triggers to nuclear exchange. Even a limited nuclear exchange would start a ‘nuclear winter’ with the consequences of millions of people dying. With famines globally from our over reliance of food from around the world, result; the breakdown of societies as communities failed to cope.

Many people support our own nuclear capability for understandable reasons, but I fear many do not understand the full implications of nuclear war and our inability to stop accidents, or specifically, that our weapons arsenal will be a significant bar to other countries withdrawing theirs.

Also important that some voices in the military are calling for Trident not to be renewed as it is no longer relevant in a modern world. A vote against this highly expensive project would be the sensible, rational choice.

Marjorie Nye

Knowle Avenue



The majority wanted out... that’s clear

I can’t get over the Remain campaigners continuing to shout out their opposition regarding the result of the Referendum. The majority of people in this country voted Out – that’s it finished.

As for all the foreign nationals in the UK, there is no threat to their jobs whatsoever.

Let’s just get on and arrange our future and, just to let the worry-warts know, this is a list of the countries which have so far signalled they would like to open talks with the UK over a trade deal: the US, China, India, the EFTA nations (Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands), Australia, South Korea, Canada, Mexico, Ghana and… Germany!

Cliff Fazackerley

via email


Get weaving to enjoy a charity concert

The Blackpool Branch of The British Polio Fellowship are holding a fund-raising concert featuring the Houghton Weavers on Saturday, July 30, to help us raise much needed monies to help our polio disabled members in the way of welfare and outings. They will be appearing in the Sponsors Lounge at Blackpool FC. Tickets are £15 each. Anyone wishing to come contact Muriel on 07981 402 469.


Blackpool Branch Secretary

British Polio Fellowship