Letters - July 19, 2018

Simon BlackburnSimon Blackburn
Simon Blackburn
Leader should now consider his position

Was it right for Blackpool Council Leader Simon Blackburn (pictured) to address the Independent Residents Group in a council meeting as “The formation of the IRA”?

Certainly not .

If Coun Blackburn believes addressing the honourable Mayor and Mayoress in this way is appropriate, his idea of humour should have no place in politics.

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The mention of the IRA is no laughing matter. The complexity and seriousness of Brexit could indeed pose a potential threat to the peace settlement in Northern Ireland.

If an MP had made such a derogatory slur in the Houses of Parliament or to the media there would be widespread outcry.

In recent months the very respectable Coleman family: Coun Ian Coleman and his son Coun Gary and daughter-in-law Coun Debbie Coleman have been treated unfairly by the Labour Party at Blackpool Council. They have been pushed out.

In a democratic society, questions should be raised and answered in a fair and transparent manner.

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With reflection it is only fit and proper that Simon Blackburn should now consider his own position as Council Leader. His unnecessary and inappropriate language is not welcomed by a cross section of society - especially by those who lived through the troubles in Northern Ireland.

His attempt at comedy was insulting and uncomfortable to watch . Surely making casual jokes about the IRA does not meet the aims and aspirations of raising the town’s political profile.

His embarrassing humour (or whatever he wishes to call it) makes a mockery of the good ethics and high standards expected of Blackpool Council’s elected members.

I trust the Coleman family will receive the fair justice they deserve. I hope a sincere apology is forthcoming to fully restore the hard earned good reputation of former Mayor Ian Coleman. He is now aged 79 and rightly deserves closure and an apology. I speak respectfully, without fear or favour and would have no objection to take part in any formal hearing or media debate if necessary to support this worthy cause .

Stephen PierrE

Via email


Smoking incentive is just brainless

Where did Blackpool Council get its brains?

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It is now intending to give vouchers for stores as an incentive to cease smoking. Since when do you need to be bribed with rewards to get you through your pregnancy? Any sane person knows that they want the best for their health and unborn child. So just stop, end the freebee society.

How many will keep off for nine months to get the credit and then be back on after the birth stating ‘I will not smoke around my child.’? What a brainless bunch Blackpool Council is. This £353,614 could be used on many more things of greater importance.



We live in a world that’s gone mad...

In 2018 we have a President who sports oompa loompa fake tan, says one thing in an interview and denies it as fake news in the next.

Two years into Brexit negotiations with no agreement in sight, Nigel Farage is now saying that we will be worse off outside the EU. Boris Johnson is making little attempt to conceal his lust for power, stymying Theresa May at every turn regardless of the cost to the UK. In opposition, Jeremy Corbyn’s economic policies seem unworkable and based on a halcyon view of the 1970s.

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In 2015, we had Barack Obama, David Cameron and Ed Miliband. It may not have seemed so at the time but, looking back, an oasis of sanity and reason before the world went mad.

Phil Cray

Via email


A cunning plan to remain in the EU?

It seems to me that the commitment to avoiding a hard border in Ireland means that there can be no control on immigration between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

How do the Irish feel about becoming a major migration route?

The more you examine our proposals, the more you feel that we have purposely not tried to achieve Brexit, failing to publicly refute any of the EU propaganda and putting forward something which appears to be unacceptable to either side.

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Perhaps, a cunning plan by a politician who personally wished to remain.


Address supplied


Photo is worth a thousand words

They say a photo is worth a thousand words and again we see the truth in this saying.

The latest NATO leaders’ photo – a quick Google with NATO leaders photo 2018 – shows the assembled leaders all looking to their left at, probably, a flyover whereas President Trump is looking to the right, maybe looking for the Trump Blimp, even if it is waiting for him in a different country.

The worrying part is the symbolism that most of the world is looking one way – to progress and peace – whereas he is looking at new borders and tariffs.

Dennis Fitzgerald

via email