Letters - July 19, 2016

COMMUNITYSo proud at efforts of the local peopleCan I, through the Gazette, say how proud I was to have known such a band of hard working people who gave their time, experience and materials all for free, working very long hours, day in, day out, to get the DIY SOS Big Build finished in just over 10 days. When a build of this nature takes at least three months, it's nothing short of a miracle. The feeling of pride I have in these people is just incredible.

Tuesday, 19th July 2016, 2:27 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th July 2016, 3:29 pm

As a nearby resident I have watched them day to day and it was a pleasure to have know such a band of police, funny and friendly people who worked tirelessly to help the needs of others.

Blackpool should be so proud of them, they have been outstanding.

This building will be a legacy to others for many years to come.

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Marilyn Clarke

Albion Avenue



Theresa May is just more of the same

Theresa May went missing during the European referendum, and left the fight for in and out to David Cameron, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage.

The out vote has left these three men finished in politics while 199 Tory MPs seem to think that they have the right to crown Theresa May as the new Prime Minister.

The size of her vote pales into insignificance at the hundreds of thousands that voted for Jeremy Corbyn to be leader of the opposition.

Theresa May is no different than any other member of the current Government. She has voted for cuts in services and austerity budgets which have incurred poverty on many people.

She voted against curbing pay day loans and against banking reform. In the past she has voted to increase VAT and against curbing energy prices in 2013. She voted against building 100,000 affordable homes in 2013.

As Home Secretary for the past six years, police have seen their funding cut by £2.3bn with the loss of 18,000 officers and 5,000 community support officers.

Working people can expect nothing more than the same old Tory policies.

John Appleyard

via email


Letters are a party political skirmish

I would like to raise two points about The Gazette letters.

Firstly, it appears to have become a party political slanging match between those concerned, trying to get one up on the other party.

Secondly, I am sick of seeing the same names who appear to have the answer to everything. I was going to name them, but I hope that they can reflect on their usefulness.

Ken Barker

Galway Avenue



High prices keep audiences away

I very much agree with Mrs Philiips letter (Your Say, Gazette, July 13).

I took my special needs grandaughter to see the brilliant Sound of Music at the Opera House. So sad to see so few people. The gallery and back circle were empty and very few people in the stalls. My tickets were £69, £5 for two ice creams and £4 for a programme. (Not as expensive as the £10 programme at Jane McDonald’s show).

I would be very surprised if there were more than 120 people in the theatre.

I am sure lots of school children would have enjoyed the show and paid a lower price for tickets.

My grandaughter was delighted to have the programme signed by the stars.

Jean Berry

Lindale Gardens

South Shore


We don’t want to 
be a ghost town

What a true article Simon Cartmell wrote (Gazette, July 6) Resort EU Benefits to Blackpool, well said!

I voted to stay in the EU for the simple reason – I was thinking of my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren’s future, just as Simon says and for the future of Blackpool, as we don’t get much from London – they get it all down south. We don’t want Blackpool to end up a ghost town. I am a sand grown lady who loves Blackpool and glad to say the prom looks amazing and new trams/tower etc. It’s just a shame about BFC and now the council can’t afford to cut the grass, so God help us.

We have many unemployed here so we needed the EU money. I worry for our future in Blackpool. I thought our motto was progress.

We can all do our bit, like I do, pick rubbish up outside your house and sweep up. It makes the neighbourhood look a lot nicer. Instead of ordering online visit local shops, it’s lovely to have a chat and a smile.

Help Blackpool.

Betty Waller

Bispham Road



We need to elect the right person to lead

With Nigel Farage standing down as UKIP Party Leader, the campaign for his replacement is now underway.

Nigel is a hard act to follow, so whoever takes over has to have those special qualities needed to lead the party to even greater future success.

One name that stands out is Jonathan Arnott MEP. A former teacher, he is meticulous, trustworthy, capable and just the person to take the party forward.

With preparation for Brexit about to begin, UKIP is shaping the future of the UK and it is important we elect the right person as our leader.

Philip Griffiths

North West President, UKIP