Letters - July 18, 2017

Enough iis enough!Time to cull the gullsI've had enough!Aberdeen has a seagull problem, but Blackpool takes the biscuit - no! The seagulls take the biscuit.

Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 2:48 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 1:06 pm
Seagull attack

I’ve been swooped on, pooped on and deprived of sleep with the constant shrieking and breeding antics from the flat roofs of B&Bs by not seagulls but ‘towngulls’ day and night.

They neither know where the cliffs on the sea are - and the only fish they know has batter on it!

They fly and strut about the seafront and streets causing havoc and fear among residents and visitors, especially children, attacking and stealing everything from ice cream cones, hot dogs and sandwiches etc.

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Blackpool council should take stock and cull this nuisance now.

Black plastic bags lie about everywere, easy pickings for the towngulls to burst open and snack.

It seems not everyone uses the bins with lids - are they expensive for businesses?

I have cut short my holiday and I’m going home for a sleep.

Mr T Shirron



Remain worship of EU is like a cult

‘Modern’ remainers tell us that we must supplicate to the EU on pain of impoverishment and isolation.

Their language is religious – the EU is an angry god that must be propitiated.

Only by sacrifice will we even be admitted to the halls of politically correct humanity, still less prosperity.

An exaggeration?

Next time you read a remainer’s opinion, ask yourself: is he demanding that the UK must give up our independence to be granted the privilege of merely selling into the EU’s single market?

The inverse is for the EU to give up its sovereignty to us, in exchange for free access to the UK market.

But that would be anathema to remainers like Sir Vince Cable.

Actually, the UK’s sales to the EU only amount to about a tenth of UK GDP, yet to hear the wails of anguish from the remains, it is as though 90 per cent of our prosperity was in the EU’s gift.

Be careful, the remains say, we must not upset the EU god lest we be cast into economic oblivion in perpetuity.

We must bow to the EU, accept its admonishments, and give it gold. Lots of gold. The remain worship of the EU is a religious cult, without rationality or equality.

Nick Martinek

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Preventing harm is my love of country

Several people who favour Brexit complain about my “remoaning” and accuse me of being a bad loser.

I am also told I am undemocratic in not accepting the referendum result and that I am unpatriotic in not now putting my weight behind the government’s attempt to negotiate a good deal with the EU27. I reject all of the above.

As months go by the evidence accumulates that Brexiting the EU will cause substantial harm. By continuing my resistance I am trying to do the best for my children and for future generations. I do not see this as being a bad loser but rather asserting that I have a better purchase on the facts of the issue than most Brexiteers.

Brexiteers may wish to charge me with intellectual arrogance and I would have to plead “guilty”. As I have stated previously, the 52:48 result last June makes for a popular victory but not necessarily a wise outcome.

Those of us who love our country and wish to prevent it engaging in an appalling act of self-harm have a patriotic duty to continue to argue our case.

John Cole

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This is not progress for our town

Once again in Blackpool one of our more attractive buildings (the Comrades Club)meets a mysterious end.

Questions should be asked as to why if it was a locally-listed building, the medical practice next door purchased it with a view to demolishing it ?

Tim Gavell writes this is somehow ‘progress’, it’s not, progress suggests some kind of improvement, this is merely change, and for the worse at that .

Paul Melling

Maple Avenue


Contaminated blood inquiry

After 20 years of campaigning for a public inquiry into contaminated blood, an independent inquiry has finally opened to look at the scandal of thousands of people receiving HIV contaminated blood in the 1980s.

This country has always prided itself of members of the public giving their blood for free, so why did the British government ignore warnings by the world health organisation not to import blood products from the United States and carried on doing so?

The US pays its prisoners to give blood, yet studies show that prisoners were on the highest risk groups of people living with HIV and hepatitis C. Haemophiliacs were being used as lab rats.

The Government were aware this was happening but chose to cover it up, lives have been destroyed and those of families by a government who put commercial interests before health.

John Appleyard

Address supplied