Letters - January 31, 2018

Tower's giant screen makes me feel dizzy

Wednesday, 31st January 2018, 1:24 pm
Updated Wednesday, 31st January 2018, 1:25 pm
Blackpool Tower

Does anyone else object to that giant TV screen on the side of the Tower?

Not only does it look tacky on this grand historic building, but it poses a health risk, with its bright flashing images.

What about people with epilepsy? I know two people with epilepsy who now avoid the area because they fear this screen could cause fits.

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When I see things like that I look away as they make me feel dizzy or have blackouts, yet I’m not even epileptic, so they must be worse for those who are.

Doesn’t it occur to the Tower that people might not want bright, flashy images in their faces as they walk by? If they want to show these, this should be inside the building, where people have chosen to see their shows.

But it’s unfair that people who don’t wish to see these images are exposed to them. On TV, viewers are warned when reports contain flashing images, so why should people have to put up with them in the street?

Does the council still own the Tower? Even if it doesn’t, it should do something as this screen affects people in the street.

As a council tax payer, I have as much right as anybody to walk Blackpool’s streets without any threats to my well-being as do people with epilepsy.

This horrible screen should be removed immediately.

Mr J Williams



Let’s have backing 
for fracking

Last Wednesday morning, I was with a group of visitors who were taken on a guided tour around Cuadrilla’s drilling site at Preston New Road with the firm’s Mark Lappin and Chris Flint.

They explained to us, very professionally, how all the drilling operation works.

On entering the site, we were taken to a briefing room where Mark explained to us the safety procedures before being guided round the site.

The first impression we got was the tidiness and safety of the site and there was no evidence of any pollution.

The most noticeable thing was how quiet the rig and other working machines were. At one point of the tour, we were stood about 20 metres from the rig that was drilling at the time, the noise from traffic on the motorway was louder than the noise from the rig, as was the four big diesel engines which power the energy for the machines. I could also hear an airliner plane, probably flying at about 35,000 ft, clearly.

I did hear one of the party say that some of the residents have been very surprised at the lack of disruption the work has caused them and that the protesters have caused them more inconvenience by causing traffic hold-ups.

I would suggest to anyone who wants to express their opinions on fracking to get information first from professionals who have years of experience rather than forming their opinion from comments from anti-frackers, which have nothing in common with the exploration being carried out. So come on everybody, let’s have more backing for fracking.


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Time to bring back public safety films?

Driving along Whitegate Drive about 5pm on Saturday, traffic was held up by three boys in their early teens cycling side by side while one showed off with wheelies.

None were wearing reflective clothing or helmets, or had lights on their bikes. I could not decide whether to alert the hospital to have three beds ready, or the undertaker with similar advice.

Perhaps it is time to bring back the graphic public safety films that traumatised us as youngsters back in the 1970s, but made their point clearly. And start with the hazard of carelessly walking out into the road while talking on a mobile.

Barry McCann

Prescot Place


Beware... winter 
is coming

The ‘Doomsday Clock’ has been moved forward 30 seconds as a result of world tensions and the Trump government’s responses to these issues. Thirty out of 86,400 seconds (one whole day) doesn’t seem too alarming but when you consider it as 30 out the remaining 120 seconds a different picture is painted.

The two main contributing factors mentioned are nuclear weapons, enthusiastically supported by a number of the world’s leaders and climate change, enthusiastically denied by a number of the world’s leaders.

The clock is only symbolic but the problems are real.

Dennis Fitzgerald

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