Letters - January 28, 2019

Keep jobs in British motor industry safe

Monday, 28th January 2019, 11:59 am
Updated Monday, 28th January 2019, 1:04 pm

This country has a vibrant and extensive automotive industry.

Jaguar Land Rover employs 40,000 people and there are a further 120,000 employed in their supply chain. With Toyota, Honda, Peugeot, Nissan and others, thousands of cars are assembled in this country.

Seventy per cent are exported, with 50 per cent going to Europe.

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The other big market is China and that market has stalled.

Around 850,000 people are employed in the industry and 1,100 trucks cross the English Channel every day with components to fulfil ‘just in time’ supply.

The industry is already facing headwinds following the unfair demonisation of diesel and the downturn in the Chinese market.

If we leave the European Union, the automotive industry will suffer tariffs and customs delays.

The impact on suppliers, in particular, will be enormous, with a high risk of 
job losses.

I believe that we should remain in the European Union now these facts have come to light.

I am sure that, if we were to hold another referendum, with this new information clear to voters, the majority would decide to remain.

You might even agree, having seen how the structural decline of UK industry is being exacerbated by Brexit, that the time is right for a new party that acknowledges fact over fiction when tackling our economic problems – like Renew, for example.

Andrew Jeffery

Address supplied


High cost of using the private sector

It has been one year since the collapse of Carrillion, the company that had managed major public sector contracts to provide services in prison maintenance and school dinners.

The collapse caused major delays to multimillion pound hospital construction projects in Birmingham and Liverpool, costing the taxpayer a staggering £150m.

Thousands of workers and apprentices lost jobs and many small firms were hit.

The company in poor financial health still continued to receive government contracts.

The myth that the private sector is intrinsically more efficient provider of services and goods is now discredited.

Since Mr Corbyn became leader of Labour he has put wholehearted opposition to outsourcing and PFI at the centre of Labour’s programme.

As other developments this last week have proved more than ever, we need to keep up pressure for a general election and get the Tories out.

Royston Jones



In the dark over road closure

I would like to complain about the lack of information on the Blackpool Council website regarding the road closure at Gynn Square.

Despite the road being closed for several weeks now, no progress is evident on the unsafe structure.

In fact I have taken pictures this week and not one builder has been working on the property and I’m sure the town’s residents will be interested in yet another delay coupled with the fact the tramway work at Talbot Square is now delayed until the end of February.

Joe Taylor

Via email


Veterans lay on battlefield tours

Each year the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (KOYLI) battlefield tours organise pilgrimages to the battle areas of the First World War. The tours are in August and September.

This year we plan to visit the Somme battlefields, the Ypres Salient, Arras, Vimy Ridge and Loos battlefield areas.

The trips specialise in visiting specific cemeteries or memorials on the above-mentioned battlefields as and when they are requested, and an experienced battlefield guide will accompany each trip, to commentate on the various battles and the many historic events that occurred in the areas that we visit, we can also assist people in the tracing of war graves, from the First World War.

The KOYLI Battlefield pilgrimages were formed as a charitable hobby in 1990 by ex-servicemen who have many years of practical experience in conducting visits to the First World War Battlefield areas of France and Flanders, and we support the Royal British Legion Poppy appeal. These trips are open to anyone who might be interested, and we welcome all enquires.

Anyone who requires further information should write to:

John Battye

32 Rhodes Street 
West Yorkshire 
WF10 5LL