Letters - January 24, 2019

Fylde coast light rail plan ‘is not MP’s idea’

Thursday, 24th January 2019, 1:30 pm
Updated Thursday, 24th January 2019, 2:33 pm
Paul Maynard MP and train

Given Coun Charlie Edwards lives in Morecambe, I’m surprised he takes such an interest in Paul Maynard’s statements on expanding the Fylde coast’s light railway scheme (Your Say, January 19).

I understand these plans were drawn up by Blackpool Transport, which also carried out the feasibility study.

It is disingenuous therefore for Mr Maynard to claim they are ‘his’ plans. Why, if as he claims, Mr Maynard is so committed to creating a Fylde coast tram network did he not take the opportunity to do so when he was Transport Minister from 2016-2018?

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Mr Maynard has effectively claimed the work done by others as his own. He has ignored the very valuable work carried out by the many voluntary organisations who felt they had no choice but to start creating a rail link from Fleetwood to Poulton following the Government’s refusal to do so.

We are naturally supportive of any moves to improve transport connectivity believing this is essential for the economic regeneration of the town and its people. This should be done in consultation with all the MPs and interested parties in the area.

Niall Campbell

Fleetwood Labour Party


Some supersonic memories of roof

Reading your article, of Monday January 21, about a rooftop bistro planned for the building which is now currently home to Las Iguanas brought back many memories.

In the early 70s this was known as Burton Buildings and was home to the Department for Social Security with Riley’s Snooker Hall in the basement.

I worked on the first floor with superb views of the Prom and the sea in all weathers.

In the summer when the weather was good we used to go up on the roof at lunchtimes.

My highlight, was watching Concord when it flew south and then back north again along the Promenade! It was so close you felt that you could almost touch it! Amazing!

Diana Holden

Via email


I’m still waiting for councillor’s reply

On November 28 I mailed one of the councillors for Park Ward regarding a matter in the town centre.

However, to date this councillor has not responded, not even with an acknowledgement.

I trust that with local elections being held this year said councillor and her colleague will continue to ignore this particular household and not bother delivering flyers promising utopia in Park Ward.

Terence Woodings



Where do we 
go from here?

I feel sorry for Theresa May and admire her tenacity – she’s been on a hiding to nothing with our wishful thinkers in Parliament.

So where do we go from here? Possible outcomes include no-deal, Plan A plus or minus, a Norway-plus deal, a Canada-plus deal, a Swiss-plus deal, a People’s Vote, a second referendum, suspension of Article 50 or a general election.

Jeremy Corbyn is letting down all the Northern workers who were most against the EU by his politicking for an election with the hope of getting into power. My guess is we will finish up with a kind of Norway-plus deal which would leave us unable to make our own trade deals. It would allow us to leave the Common Agricultural and Fisheries policies, as well as the jurisdiction of the ECJ, but it would mean the retention of free movement.

Bryan Burgess

Address supplied


Everything is 
just an illusion

I was interested to read that many mainstream scientists are coming out and saying that our reality is actually an illusion formed by our brains which are tools, much like computers processing wi-fi, that process electromagnetic waves.

Basically, all we are information and however we process that, through choice to a certain extent, creates our own reality.

Quite mind blowing when you think about it.

Julie Jones

North Shore