Letters - January 17, 2020

Good luck to them ... if you really care

Friday, 17th January 2020, 5:55 pm
Updated Friday, 17th January 2020, 5:56 pm
What are your views on the Harry and Meghan situation?

The news is full of sensationalised nonsense about Harry and Meghan.

What has happened is just a natural progression.

How many family businesses, no matter how far back they go, gets a member who decides he or she wants to go their own way ?

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The royals will change whatever the history and, let’s be honest, the main mover of change was Prince Phillip and it will change again.

Gone are the days where royal princes can go round the crown heads of Europe and find a subservient virgin bred to do as she is told.

Meghan is an independent woman who has decided, I am sure with her husband, that the royal way is not for them.

So good luck to them both, as long as they finance themselves and are not supported by the British tax payer.

Brian Hyman

Address supplied

The BBC evening news last Thursday ran the non-story on the Sussexes for the first 10 minutes.

On Monday, it was seven minutes.

How their editors can decide that the squabbles within the Royal family can be seen as greater importance than the crises in Iran and Australia beggars belief?

The latter, facing an existential crisis, merited only two minutes coverage on Thursday.

In my view, such grossly wrong priorities reveal a good deal about what is amiss with this country and one of them, a ridiculous obsession with Royalty, is fuelled by the sickening inability of the BBC to give emphasis to what really matters, and what frankly does not.

Lord help us, the bulletin could not finish without a live update (nothing had happened) from Sandringham by a typically sycophantic Nicholas Witchell.

Ian Richardson

via email


Madness not to invest in ourselves

What a short-sighted numbskull of a country we live in. Britain once the home of telecom leaders such as Marconi and Ferranti now finds itself browbeaten by shadowy figures from America telling us it would be ‘Madness’ to employ Huawei technology in UK 5G network and worse still, America’s AT&T company has no alternative solution to offer. Good God! Do I detect America going down the same plughole as the UK??

Strange don’t you think, how utterly unimaginative this once thriving country has become, and how utterly reliant we are upon outside powers for everything from cars to cooking utensils?

When I wonder did we lose the bottle to think for ourselves, invent for ourselves, and take a lead now and then over our own destiny?

What is it about British bankers and investors that stops them investing in the most important technology yet conceived, and why in God’s name would we be content to leave vital telecoms and A I development to the Chinese?

If there is a madness it must surely be found in Britain’s reluctance to invest in herself and her people. What have the Chines got that we haven’t and the answer is nothing, save a willingness to fashion the future in our own image and make pots of dosh whilst doing so.

Joseph G Dawson

via email


Great service at Blackpool Victoria

I am a lady of 86 and a cancer patient. I was on a new drug (chemo) in November which caused, unfortunately allergic and health problems.

I phoned Blackpool Victoria Hospital emergency service - after 15 minutes the paramedics had arrived - what a wonderful duo they were.

I was taken into assessment at A & E and later transferred to the Lancashire Suite at Cardiac.

I would like to thank everyone concerned, we are so fortunate in a small town to have such a wonderful hospital on our doorstep with such wonderful and dedicated medics.

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Automatic lights cannot detect fog

How many people know whether or not their headlights are on?

No, that’s not as daft as it sounds... with more and more cars having automatic headlights, there’s a greater tendency for people to think that they have no need to switch them on manually.

But automatic systems only sense when it gets dark.

They can’t recognise daytime fog when visibility is restricted, but there’s plenty of light.

This may possibly be slightly mitigated if there are daytime running lights at the front, but they don’t turn the rear lights on. Really, there’s an important need in daytime fog to make sure that headlights are on the front, and rear fog lights are on at the back.

Automatic lights don’t know about fog and they can’t think. There is no substitute for the mark one human brain.

Graeme Aldous

via email