Letters - January 17, 2019

Second referendum is not undemocratic

Thursday, 17th January 2019, 11:44 am
Updated Thursday, 17th January 2019, 12:49 pm

I’m fed up of reading how democracy would be undermined if there was a second referendum on Brexit.

What is the situation if the majority voted for a particular policy that was clearly wrong?

Should we all stick by the decision because it would be undemocratic not to do so? Or should we, with new evidence, re-examine the policy and maybe vote again?

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I wonder how many of your readers are familiar with the ‘whipping’ process, where MPs are told how to vote on a particular issue? In theory we could have the vast majority of constituents supporting one point of view, and their MP voting against it.

Over the years this has happened on numerous occasions – how many MPs voted for the invasion of Iraq knowing full well that their constituents were against such action?

So much for democracy.

David Craggs

Address supplied


Take your own advice and go

It was interesting to see that Francis Egan was quoted in the Times on January 13 as saying, “Just say if you don’t want us fracking”.

Well here’s something for you Mr Egan, WE DON’T. Our parish, borough and county councils have all rejected your application to frack in Lancashire, as have two Inspectors to be overturned by our ‘democratic, Secretary of State with one decision still pending at Roseacre Wood.

You are not interested in helping to ensure there is enough gas for the country for the future. It is all about money. Money in taxes for the Government and money for those investing in the companies involved in production. The result?

Misery for the residents of the areas. Few ‘local’ jobs and no benefits for the majority.

Take your own advice and go away.

Rosemary Conlon

Via email


Your help vital to our work with pets

On behalf of vet charity, PDSA, which has a busy Pet Hospital in Hawes Side Lane in Blackpool, I would like to say a huge thank you to all local players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

We have received fantastic funding support from players over the past 12 months, which coincided with our 100th birthday celebrations.

Over the past 12 months funding has helped us deliver projects that prevent illness and disease, and educate pet owners and children on how to care for animals.

In 2018 we:

n Educated over 64,000 school children through our PetWise Schools programme which promotes animal welfare.

n Completed 331 school visits, equipping the next generation of pet owners with the skills they need to provide the five welfare needs for pets to be happy and healthy.

n Launched our new £250,000 PetWise Mobile Unit which features two vet consulting rooms with oxygen facilities, moveable seating, a widescreen TV and built-in iPads and can be used to carry out minor operations, host vaccination clinics, school lessons and pet first aid courses.

n Carried out over 5,000 free PetWise MOTs on pets through our PetWise tour across 151 different locations, including Blackpool.

n Microchipped 436 pets and clipped the nails of over 850 pets on board our three PetWise vehicles.

n Equipped 838 pet owners and visitors with general pet health advice through our PetWise tour.

So much has already been achieved, but there is still much more to be done.

In 2019, thanks to continued funding, we will be building on the legacy of these projects to continue to reach communities beyond the reach of our Pet Hospitals, helping pets and equipping adults and children with the skills they need to become great pet owners.

In 2018 alone, £116m was raised for good causes across Great Britain by players of People’s Postcode Lottery – an incredible achievement. On behalf of us here at PDSA, and all the pets we help, well done and thank you.

Rebecca Ashman

PDSA Veterinary Campaigns Manager