Letters - February 7, 2017

frackingTime for police to take tougher lineMore has got to be done to stop the unacceptable and unlawful action by protesters on Preston New Road at Little Plumpton.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 7th February 2017, 12:40 pm
Updated Wednesday, 1st March 2017, 9:01 am
Anti-fracking protesters stop a truck at Preston New Road
Anti-fracking protesters stop a truck at Preston New Road

Their dangerous behaviour outside the Cuadrilla fracking site is putting the lives of road users in danger and causing chaos and huge headaches for regular users of the A583, which on occasion has been closed in both directions.

More to the point it is costing the Lancashire taxpayer tens of thousands of pounds through increased policing costs.

What happened to the promised ‘peaceful protests’ by the local action groups?

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What is clear, certainly from proud boasts on social media, is that these groups have been hijacked by professional agitators from outside the area, who are just looking for trouble.

On Tuesday there were ugly scenes at the Cuadrilla site entrance as four protesters ‘locked’ themselves on to the fencing and were arrested by police.

An escalation of this anarchistic action has got to be prevented for the sake not just of motorists and residents but also for that matter the genuine local protesters who find themselves uncaringly exploited by a mindless minority.

I hope the police will be taking a much tougher line of action in the weeks ahead - so that Cuadrilla can get about their lawful business.

Mr G Cash

Whitegate Drive



Why target all teens at KFC outlet?

So let’s get this right! If the Cleveleys KFC on Victoria Road was troubled with anti social behaviour from adults, we would all be barred from eating inside!? (Teenagers left out in cold Gazette, February 3)

Correct me if I’m wrong but if there were under 16’s causing mayhem and disturbing other customers then why didn’t management throw them out?

Why should well behaved teenagers have to suffer for a minority of badly behaved youths?

The spokesman’s reasons for the KFC outlet is ‘piffle’ when what should be put in place is security to stop any anti-social behaviour and nip it in the bud by throwing the culprits out and don’t go on to me about cost and all that clap trap because they make enough profit. I imagine too, cutbacks on staff and management is also a reason they probably wouldn’t admit, leaving supervisors or general staff to cope as many do these days and it’s unfair to put such responsibility on them when there should be a strong managerial presence.

So come on KFC, get this sorted and attract your decent teenage clientele back before they decide to go somewhere else and who could blame them!?

Clifford Chambers



Would you buy a house near a rig?

Who would buy a new house less than one mile away from a gas fracking rig?

As a Blackpool supporter since the 1950s and now, a non attendee at Bloomfield Road, I would like to wish the Oystons all the luck selling their new houses.

Andy Consterdine



Help finding your
old shipmates

Thank you again local newspapers, like this one, for printing my letters about reuniting those who have served together in the Royal Navy. My letters are often cut out and sent to someone who has served, ‘My niece saw your letter and sent it to me’

Many are missing the camaraderie of those who served in the Royal Navy, such as the eight already found from HMS Raleigh; 23 Entry Benbow Division, 2nd June 1980. And ‘I wish I could relive some of it’; well this can be done in the form of an ‘RN Shipmates Reunion’ to be held over the weekend of Friday April 21 to Monday 24 in the midlands.

This includes a coach tour over the weekend and of course, a Tot Issue. Wives and partners are welcomed too. No association or annual subscription, just come and ‘Swing the Lamp’ and find old shipmates.

Contact me for reunion details, Mike Crowe on [email protected] or at 7 Heath Road, Lake, Sandown, Isle of Wight. PO36 8PG. (A stamp will help the pension if writing to me for reunion details!)

The next move towards finding your old shipmate is yours. Do it now!

Mike Crowe

Via email


We should eat more in-season food

Oh no, I can only buy three Iceberg lettuces at a time! How ever will I cope?

And broccoli rationed too, also thanks to bad weather in southern Europe. I’m sure there are children all over the country in floods of tears at the veggie news.

What occurs to me, as it often does, is that we should go back to eating food in season. How I remember looking forward to June and the first English strawberries and later on lovely sweet home grown tomatoes.

Now we have got used to having every vegetable and fruit we could possibly want on the shelves all year round.

A glance at the labels, particularly this time of year, will tell a sorry tale about the huge distances the items have travelled.

We have natural growing seasons and the resulting crops are at their very best and always taste better than those shipped in from far away.

In fact the more local the produce the better, for both the farmer and the customer, so no I’m not shedding tears over the current supply hiccup.

It’s winter for heavens sake, who wants tasteless lettuce, when there are plenty of local carrots, turnips, cabbage, sprouts etc etc??


North West UKIP MEP