Letters - February 15, 2017

HEALTHDon't use the NHS as political football

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 15th February 2017, 10:04 am
Updated Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 12:20 pm
There are concerns that plans for fracking can be pushed through by an existing power.
There are concerns that plans for fracking can be pushed through by an existing power.

I feel I must correct some of the inaccuracies from A.E Owens about the Conservatives and the NHS. Firstly our Prime Minister is not “unelected”, the UK has never elected a PM. Secondly there is no secret agenda for the NHS. The Conservatives don’t “hate” the NHS at all. As a Conservative who uses and works for the NHS I find that comment rather insulting. Our NHS is not being sold off or privatised, it is there for those who need it and remains a great institution. I wish people would stop treating the NHS as a political football with such unfounded scaremongering. Keep political meddling out of the NHS.

Coun Christian Cox

Sawley Avenue, Blackpool

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Get your facts
right John

Poor old John Hobson (The Gazette, February 11) and his anti frackers. Not content with constantly distorting the facts regarding fracking, they have now moved on to other more local attacks.

To suggest, as he does, that the reason there is no work, and therefore by definition no protesters at the Cuadrilla site, is because the police are required for crowd control (we wish!) at AFC Fylde is both ludicrous and a total fabrication.

Firstly he obviously has no understanding of football because if he did, he would know that football teams don’t play all their games at home, in fact alternate Saturday’s they actually play away.

Notwithstanding the above Fylde have played 17 home games this season and never requested or had any police presence imposed on them for any of these games.

Please tell the readers Mr Hobson where you got this nonsense from. I am sure the Chief Constable for one, would like to know where his officers are, when according to you they are at Fylde every Saturday!

Please can we stick to the facts?

David Haythornthwaite

Chairman AFC Fylde


It’s time to speak out against fracking

I note with interest that Cuadrilla’s fracking friends have mounted a serious letter writing campaign to local papers trying to denigrate anti-fracking protesters and make fracking seem more acceptable to the general public.

This is a still a democracy and people still have a legal right to peaceful protest. The fact is there are far more people opposed to fracking than those who support it so inevitably there will be protests especially when it is being forced on us. Protest takes many forms and, with over 60 per cent of the UK threatened by unconventional fossil fuel extraction, that opposition is growing especially in the areas under threat.

I would encourage people to go along to the Preston New Road site or to the weekly Solidarity Saturday events at Maple Farm to see for themselves and learn more about the issues. It is very obvious most of the protesters are local, come from all walks of life, many taking time off from work or other commitments, to show their opposition. The number of car toots in support clearly demonstrates that the majority of passing motorists oppose it too. Fracking is a major national issue and will obviously draw in many protestors from other areas too. That is their right and is only natural.

If people do not want Lancashire to become the largest gas field in western Europe now is the time for them to speak out. I am sure we will hear a lot more from both sides in the coming weeks but I would urge readers to make up their own minds and not believe all they hear from the industry and their proponents.

Barbara Richardson

Via email


Bercow’s biggest mistake yet

The Speaker of the House of Commons made the biggest mistake of his entire career when he said that the democratically-elected leader of the free world and our greatest ally, President Trump, will not be welcome at the House of Commons.

It is an own goal for John Bercow, but that in itself is of little consequence, but of much more importance is the damage this could cause to our future trade deals with the USA and our future security should war break out.

I am almost ( but not quite) lost for words. Who on earth does he think he is? I hope the more sensible and responsible MPs will find a way to sack this inept politician, apologise to President Trump and install someone with political shrewdness and British finesse to replace him.

Dick Lindley

Via email


Go through a purple patch for charity

Purple Day, the international day of epilepsy awareness, falls on Sunday 26 March.

It is the one day of the year where people across the globe work together to dispel the myths that surround epilepsy, by raising awareness in a positive way. Epilepsy Action would love for your readers to get involved. There are around 68,000 people in the North West living with epilepsy.

Every year, the money raised for Epilepsy Action on Purple Day helps us to continue our life-changing work. Whether it’s dying your hair purple, munching on purple cakes, or throwing a purple ball, there are so many ways to get in the purple spirit and celebrate epilepsy awareness.

Getting involved couldn’t be simpler. By visiting epilepsy.org.uk/purple , or calling 0113 210 8851, you can request your free purple fundraising pack. The pack contains everything you need to make your fundraising a success, from hints and tips to purple balloons. You can also buy Purple Day wristbands to show your support.

Epilepsy Action directly supports over two million people every year, with a network of local support groups and a helpline staffed by epilepsy experts. The money we raise on Purple Day will mean we can help even more. You can find out more and get support on our website, epilepsy.org.uk, or by calling our helpline on 0800 800 5050.

Amy Hesselden

Epilepsy Action