Letters - February 11, 2019

Mr Tusk will not spoil our bond with Poland

This country had a treaty with Poland that, if they were invaded by a foreign power, we would come to their aid.

We went to war in 1939, with Germany, to try to ensure Poland had freedom to determine their own future.

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This country owes a massive debt to brave Polish airmen and soldiers who fought with great success during the Second World War. Poland’s people have suffered, not only under the Germans but also the Soviet bloc, and have fought with great resilience for their freedom.

It is a great shame that EU negotiator Mr Tusk, a Pole, has stated that the people of this country who wish to ensure their future determination is in their own hands, not the EU’s, have a “special place in hell”.

This country will always consider Poland a special friend and will never allow a politician, whose aims are to ensure that Britain stays a vassal state of the EU, come between us.

Bernard Darbyshire

via email


Get in the saddle and ride for BHF

Did you know that the average shelf life of a hobby is just 16 months? In fact, the average person has three hobbies on the go, but we’re not so good at keeping them up.

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Cycling is one of Britain’s favourite hobbies. Four in ten of us own a bike yet the average UK adult hasn’t cycled in almost seven years!

When we spoke to people about their hobbies, a fifth revealed to us that they don’t cycle more frequently because they believe they aren’t fit enough – and one in ten said they don’t have a reason to cycle or goal to aim towards.

At the British Heart Foundation (BHF), we have the perfect goal to keep you motivated. Sign up to one of our amazing bike rides and use your pedal power to fund research into heart and circulatory diseases.

Every year, heart and circulatory diseases kill over 17,000 people in the North West. Today, more than seven million people in the UK are living with these serious illnesses.

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Knowing you’re contributing to finding new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat these terrible conditions whilst doing something that is enjoyable and good for your health will keep you 
cycling for longer.

So whether you’re a 
cycling novice or the next Chris Froome or Laura Kenny, we’re calling on you to put your stamina and calves to the ultimate test to help fund life-saving research into heart and circulatory diseases, which kills one person every three minutes in the UK.

Whether you take on our Manchester to Blackpool Night Ride, which finishes under the iconic Blackpool Illuminations, or one of our 15 other exciting bike rides happening in 2019, there will be a ride for you.

So gather your friends, family or colleagues and get in the saddle to help beat heartbreak forever by signing up to ride for the BHF in 2019 and fund life-saving research.

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To find out more about the BHF’s bike rides, visit: www.bhf.org.uk/bikerides2019

Emma Day

Cycling manager at the 
British Heart Foundation


Prison puzzle of where to draw line

Where does one draw the line between punishment and attempts to reform the offender? A conundrum I have never been able to get a grip on.

Mr PL Taylor

Via email


Helpful way to 
cut rate of crime

Police use of facial recognition technology should be introduced nationally as soon as possible if it is considered to be successful.

There are too many do-gooders in society who bleat about anything. If technology is available to enhance law and order, then it is a no-brainer and should be utilised.

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Law and order is in decline so any system which reduces criminality must be welcomed. As a retired police officer, I have to say the UK will never be in a situation whereby it becomes a police state. Those who fear such an introduction should keep looking over their shoulder.

Shaun Kavanagh

Via email