Letters, December 28, 2019

It’s unfair to charge us to withdraw cash

Saturday, 28th December 2019, 8:00 am
What do you think about paying to get money?

I think all withdrawals from cash machines should be free.

In the past week, I have noticed that a couple of cash machines I used to withdraw money from, that used to be free, are now charging for withdrawals.

I have immediately stopped using those particular cash machines on principle.

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To me, introducing withdrawal charges on more and more cash machines is unfair profiteering and also causes more inconvenience to bank customers.

It is a lot like offering negative interest.

For these reasons, I don’t approve of it at all.

It is disgraceful.

If it eventually happens to all cash machines, I will start to withdraw money from a bank cashier instead of a cash machine, whenever convenient.

Sheer exploitation!

R N Coupe



Link between the NHS and social care

Given the link between the NHS and social care, it is now paramount that Boris Johnson appoints a new Health and Social Secretary to advance this agenda.

In my view, Matt Hancock is not up to the job – he’s not done anything since he took over from Jeremy Hunt when Mr Johnson resigned as Foreign Secretary.

Andrew Mercer

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Staff deserve our gratitude

At this time of year, let us not overlook the increasing workload that is achieved by those who provide both public and private services, often unglamorous, repetitive and tiring, from which we all benefit.

They deserve our recognition, gratitude and cooperation - a pleasant word and a smile really brightens their day.

Gareth W Richards

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Fantasy Island...

I heard Tony Blair speaking on the news about Labour’s election debacle. He states that Labour is currently marooned on Fantasy Island. My only response was along the lines of a wish that he and his mate, Sir John Major, were there as well.

Paul Morley

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We’re all sick of hearing about Brexit

Whilst I agree that there should be some changes to our voting system, it is incredible how bitter some people are that the vote didn’t go the way they wanted it too.

I am no great fan of Boris Johnson.

However, he has shown that he intends to keep the country on his side with the support that he was given in a very, very difficult election.

Whichever party you support or don’t, what most people realise is we are all sick to the back teeth of hearing about Brexit.

It has been over three years of totally wasted time and impasse where our so-called representatives argued like playground children with the most inane excuses for turning and blocking votes.

Do they realise what utter idiots they make themselves look like?

I dream of a Utopian world government but due to the nature of human beings, it is never going to become a reality. There is always greed and power involved.

I am sure that every politician in the country has the best intentions when setting out on their journey.

Most of them have proved that they are inadequate when it comes to governing the United Kingdom.


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Was it our finest 10 minutes?

What a brilliant reaffirmation of British democracy.

If the Second World War was our ‘finest hour’, the General Election of 2019, when Britain became ‘great’ again, was surely our finest ‘10 minutes’.

In spite of the disgraceful chicanery in Parliament, the expensive legal challenges, the blatant disregard of the people’s wishes, Britain’s integrity prevailed and the ‘you know what to Brexit’ was smashed out of the park.

Apart from the very many benefits we will in the long term derive from our freedom of the EU, we will no longer have to suffer the daily unwanted opinions and pronouncements of Anna Soubry, Dominic Grieve, Jo Swinson, Vince Cable, Tony Blair, John Major, Michael Heseltine, Gina Miller and all the many others who are now consigned to the wilderness.

Fasten your seatbelts, there may be some turbulence in the months ahead, but any temporary inconvenience will eventually give way to a more prosperous and vibrant Great Britain.

Finally, let’s not be too hard on Jeremy Corbyn. He managed to deliver a gift wrapped Brexit in one day. In future years we may be putting up a statue in his honour.

Colin Richardson

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