Letters - December 16, 2019

Why I'm so proud of my nephew Phillip

Monday, 16th December 2019, 5:00 pm
Christmas presents

Six years ago, my nephew, Phillip Hodgson, was Christmas shopping for toys for his nieces and nephews and thought: “What happens to all the children who don’t get presents on Christmas morning?”

He decided to buy an extra present and put a message on his social media asking family and friends to buy an extra present if they could. This resulted in approximately 40 gifts. He has done this every year since and, by the end of 2018, had collected over 1,000 toys.

This year, due to the amazing generosity of people, he already has almost 500 gifts which, as in previous years, he will take to the Salvation Army who will make sure disadvantaged children have something to open on Christmas Day.

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To say that I am very proud of Phillip would be an understatement. I would like him to have some recognition for what he has achieved over the last six years.

He doesn’t do this for any reason other than knowing that some children will have a better Christmas because of what he does.

Maureen Taylor

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A poison has

been removed

The Labour Party is now the nasty party. The election result has removed a poison from the British body politic.

Corbyn and colleagues and Momentum are now in the trash can .

Dr Barry Clayton

Thornton Cleveleys


Friday the 13th and a bad omen

How could there have been any other result than a Tory majority last week? It was Friday 13th after all. An unlucky day and a bad omen.


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Let’s be out and

on our way!

Remainers wanted any decision put back to a people’s vote! After the election, it seems as if we have already had it. Boris Johnson, like or loathe him has a job to do. Let him get on with it, deal or no deal. Let’s be out and on our way!

John Thwaite

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An apology to medical staff

Dear doctors and nurses,

We’re sorry but we didn’t vote for you and the NHS in this election. We’ve seen your heartfelt pleas on videos, on trains, on posters, even on the beach, for goodness sake, but we’ve decided that it’s more important “To get Brexit Done”.

We believe you when you tell us that the NHS is on its knees, A&E departments are at breaking point and privatisation is creeping into everything.

We know that it’s wrong to take advantage of you, your vocation, your ‘put the patient first’ attitude, your great hearts, by expecting you to go the extra mile, not occasionally, but all of the time.

But frankly we’re willing to ignore all that because other things matter more to us.

If/when we land in A&E, I hope you don’t look at us and try to guess whether we were the ones who decided your (and our) plight was less important than ousting Corbyn or giving the EU the heave-ho. I know if I were in your shoes that’s exactly what I’d be thinking.

So, sorry doctors and nurses you ARE important but not THAT IMPORTANT.

Pamela Sloan

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Barren wasteland in our countryside

I have just driven up Garstang Road, Garstang.

To my horror and dismay, the beautiful topiary, that has been a feature for many years, is being cut down.

The wholesale destruction of trees in the Garstang locality beggars belief. It would seem that where money is concerned, nothing is safe.

We are in an environmental and climate crisis, yet still the habitat destruction continues. The trees are destroyed - so are the lives of the birds, moths, insects, hedgehogs and other creatures that live in them. Is this all we are leaving for our children and grandchildren? A barren wasteland of concrete, bricks and mortar?

So it would seem. Nothing less than diabolical.

Judith Rowan

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