Letters - December 1, 2016

HEALTHWe should control time of our death Blaise Tapp's column 'Do we care more for pets than people?' (Gazette, November 26) urges us to ask ourselves whether 'we care about Rover or Tibbles more than we do about Great Aunt Doris'.

Thursday, 1st December 2016, 1:30 pm
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 12:53 pm

When Rover and Tibbles are suffering beyond endurance, our kindness extends to putting them out of their misery by ending their lives. This is a kindness that we do not extend to people.

I contend that, as long as people are able to make a rational decision, they too should have the right to determine whether they wish to continue with a life that, to them, is no longer welcome or tolerable.

It seems to me to be iniquitous that a person’s miserable life should be lengthened simply because medicine makes it possible to do so. If cruelty to animals is condemned, then why is such cruelty to people required?

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Obviously, this is a decision that can only be taken by the patient: I am not naïve enough to believe that it can be safely left to anyone else. However, while we are still able to make informed decisions, we should each have the right to set the limits to the extent of deterioration that we find acceptable.

In my own case, I have lodged a “living will” with my doctor which clearly states the circumstances under which I wish to be allowed to die. I also carry with me a document that forbids resuscitation. This can be obtained from a doctor and places your name on a register to which the ambulance service must refer.

If necessary, I want, indeed demand, the right to terminate my own life. I do not seek for anyone else to do this for me, least of all my family who I adore, but my own concept of Hell is to be totally dependent and to be kept alive contrary to my clearly expressed wishes.

If you disagree with my point of view, that’s fine. You go your way and I’ll go mine. After all, whose life is it anyway?

David Neal

Wilvere Drive

Little Bispham


Circus panto is a real festive treat

Wow! What a fantastic show we went to on Saturday, the opening day of Blackpool Tower Circus’ pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk.

It is an outstanding show for all ages and children and families alike (whatever age) will love this show. It’s full of festive fun and Mooky and Mr Boo the clowns are fantastic as usual, as are all of the cast and David Windle and his orchestra.

Also it’s at a reasonable price for the tickets – for a two-hour show. Plus, we would like to say what a fantastic job the Endresz family do for entertainment here in Blackpool.

For more than 25 years they have been a credit to Blackpool’s entertainment business.

All we can say now is don’t miss this panto, you will enjoy it.

Steve James and 
Amanda Wright




It’s great to see the traditional colours

It’s great to see a bus running in Blackpool painted in the proper colours (green and cream).

The one I am talking about is a single decker on the No.1 service when I saw it.

What a pity the rest of the fleet is not painted the same way instead of the horrible mish mash of colours we have at the moment – including the trams.

Wilf Greaves



Time to think of elderly neighbours

Christmas; it is a time for togetherness, festivity and fun; a time to spend with friends and family and a time to eat, drink and be merry.

Sadly, for many older people, the reality is a little different with a large number of over 55s saying that loneliness and social isolation is one of their most prominent worries across the festive period.

That’s why my charity, The Abbeyfield Society, started Companionship at Christmas; our annual drive to both highlight and alleviate this issue by encouraging our houses and homes in Blackpool to offer free festive activities, hot meals and friendship.

So if you, or a friend or relative, may be alone this Christmas we would be absolutely delighted to welcome you in across the advent period to spend time with residents, meet the staff and get involved in the events and activities taking place.

Do check out our website to see what is going on near you.

Natasha Singarayer

Chief Executive, The Abbeyfield Society.


Price of leaving EU will be astronomical

No point in MPs scrutinising Britain’s Brexit proposals because these will be automatically thrown out by EU in fury at the prospect of losing their second-biggest paymaster. The terms which they will seek to impose will be astronomical, and what we shall have to do is to face down those impossibilities.

Arthur Quarmby

via email


MPs need to take care over Brexit

The majority voted Leave on June 23. It is the Government’s job to honour this vote. Prevarication to beyond March 31 will see half of MPs out of work.

Let them tread carefully.

DM Loxley

address supplied