Letters - August 9, 2017

Festival week is a nightmare for locals

Wednesday, 9th August 2017, 1:57 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 1:01 pm

Not long ago there was a letter in the local press complaining about dogs defecating on our Lytham Green.

As a resident of Lytham I am somewhat dismayed at the distressing deterioration of the pride I thought we had regarding our lovely town.

As much as the Lytham Festival brings in many tourists and trade, are we to believe that the horrendous noise which lasts from midday until 11pm is of benefit to residents, a great deal who have worked hard all their lives and either moved to Lytham or bought lovely homes on the front and did so in anticipation that they would have to suffer the indignity of having their lives transformed from a sedate gentle community to a raging nightmare.

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The i newsletter cut through the noise

I have not met anyone who actually enjoys this dreadful noise, one lady who lives opposite the festival said she was nearing a breakdown. Others having problems with parking outside their own homes and many others dissatisfied with the disgraceful amount of rubbish which appears the morning after the show. The final straw was after the show on Friday evening on finally being allowed to go to bed, noticed a car drawing up on the white line outside the gate.

A girl exited, removed her underwear and proceeded to relieve herself on the path. She then got back in the car and they drove off. Literally a minute late a young man walked down the road unzipped his trousers and relieved himself not only on the path but partly down the gate. Not to mention the young man asleep in his car which was parked on the pavement and on double yellow lines opposite the house this morning.

So who are the animals now, certainly not the dogs whose owners should be more vigilant.

I think the festival is a wonderful idea but as this continues to grow it must be moved to a different location. One person said it was not possible but I disagree, there is always an alternative.

C. Howarth

address supplied


Seagulls brighten up day-to-day life

I give praise to your correspondent Jeffrey Bilham and others who write in support of our wonderful herring gulls that fly around our shore (letters, July 29).

Anyone who condemns them is ignorant and does not recognise they need our protection.

My summer has been filled with pleasure, as I have been beguiled by the two gulls which have adopted us for many years now.

When working in our garden they watch us from the flat roof of the conservatory and sit down quietly. Of course our loyal pair want food and spend time near the house most of the day, sitting on the roof or watching from their chimney pot opposite the back garden where they have chicks.

While brooding their chicks we see them feeding them and then the joy of watching the fledging this week.

Yes they are noisy in the morning, but it is nice to hear the male bird pecking gently on the glass balcony door in the morning, as an early morning greeting. They are fed most days from our left over household food which would otherwise be thrown into the bin, which is far from hygienic.

As Mr Billham points out, it is human behaviour that is to blame for the demise of their own natural food source and habitat.

It is shameful when people complain about them taking food from holiday makers, walking down the promenade.

If culling gulls is the only way anti-wildlife people can think of, then I fear for humanity. If this kind of activity ever takes place here I am sure my partner and I will campaign against culling.

Also I am sure we will be joined by the charity ‘People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals’ .

Let us rejoice in the wonder of all the creatures in our world, not condemn them to death unnecessarily.

Roy Lewis

Haddon Road


Protest impact is getting too much

Cuadrilla’s decision to breach the planning regulations with their early morning drill delivery convoy was surely the right thing to do.

It was clearly taken in the interest of minimising disruption to local residents and saving police resources.

However, it only seems to have hardened the resolve of the protesters to continue with their mindless campaign of “lock ons” which has meant traffic delays and even the day-long closure of Preston New Road.

The road has been closed completely on six occasions and it is local residents and daily commuters who are being inconvenienced mostly, – not Cuadrilla, which now has the equipment on site to continue their shale exploration activities.

Now we hear through the Chamber of Commerce that local businesses are suffering from the effects of these anti-social tactics, which are sapping Lancashire Police resources and savings.

No responsible person can claim this is peaceful or lawful protest! It will continue until pressure is brought to bear on the by-standing authorities and ultimately the police to do more, with increased powers, to clear the highway.

It is a good job these protesters were not around 200 years ago,or else we probably would not have the roads, railways, canals, coal mines, airports, motorways, etc we have now!

Mr G Cash



What a wonderful Lytham Festival!

Well done to everyone involved with the Last Night of the Proms at Lytham Festival.

Despite the rainy weather it was a wonderful occasion and everyone seemed to have a really great time.

Roll on next year!

Music lover

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