Letters - August 8, 2019

USA really needs to look at gun laws

Thursday, 8th August 2019, 2:22 pm
Gun laws
Gun laws

Reading and seeing the TV reports of the tragic and unnecessary loss of life, including children, in Texas and Ohio just typifies the crazy gun laws within the USA.

There appears to be many loose cannon individuals in America.

Unless something radical is done, then it will simply continue. There have been far too many similar incidents of mass shootings for it to be comfortable. While anyone can gain possession of firearms at will then we will continue to see repeat incidents of last weekend.

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One has to question the mentality of some people in the States, especially when their President is hell-bent on spending a small fortune on building a wall between the US and Mexico instead of sorting out the outdated firearm legislation prevailing in his country, and for what?

Does the man really think it will stop illegal immigrants from entering the US?

If he believes that then he is far more disillusioned than he already appears.

The US constitution is clearly out of date and requires either a major overall or, better still, abolition in relation to all citizens (with some criminal exceptions) being allowed to possess/carry lethal weapons in public. Firearms are too easily acquired in the US to the point that, when on holiday and browsing in a massive Walmart store, I saw a section within the store openly displaying all types of weaponry available for purchase.

It appeared ridiculous.

Shaun Kavanagh

via email


It’s not fair that I can’t live for nothing

Having just read your article in The Blackpool Gazette which states that councillors have approved permission for travellers to pitch their caravans in various places, can I just ask do these travellers live there for free?

I live in a park home with site fees costing £2,280 per annum as well as £1,200 council tax, part of which no doubt goes towards paying the council to clean up after them when they have moved on. If they do not pay anything to the council I think it is very unfair that councillors let them live scott free whilst we have to help to fund it. I am so pleased that they are enjoying life, it’s just a pity I can’t do the same for nothing.

A very angry council tax payer


Can you help work as tennis coach?

We are, when weather allows, now in the middle of our summer tennis, and as usual the children full of enthusiasm each and every Thursday, improving under Peter, our coach.

We had hoped to have a further coach and although the young lady did pass her first exam, unfortunately, although we had arranged for her to through the LTA, she was not able to go ahead, although she will at times come and help out.

Unfortunately this was not what we were looking for, we were hoping to arrange for a young group, Thursdays again, and had been very lucky by receiving from the LTA rackets, balls and nets to use a small area of grass to begin even younger ones, just to enjoy themselves until they were old enough to join the juniors. I am still hoping there is someone eager enough to start to be able to coach and I still have enough to put anyone interested and keen to carry on through the LTA coaching session.

I am pleased that after all the years of our Highfield being alone, that we now have other placed here where tennis is starting to show what a fantastic sport this is and hopefully bringing forward children who perhaps may take this up as a future sport or even career.

I have, as you know, always longed for the day when tennis would become another sport as popular as dancing, swimming and football in Blackpool, and am now keeping fingers crossed that this is about to be realised, but also hopefully that we can still carry on with our weekly lessons, both summer and winter. After all I am still hoping it is one of our children who will become a Wimbledon champion. We could do with more children to join us and if interested please between 7/9 and 9/12 or a bit older come along Thursday (weather permitting). Be lovely to see you.

Coun Lily

Henderson MBE

Highfield Ward, Blackpool


Saving cash for average families

In England we have millions of motorists being treated as cash cows by a Government that proclaims to believe in lower taxes but has simply ignored the rising cost of petrol and diesel for Families, Individuals and Businesses.

Aviation Fuel is tax free because of a £7bn a year subsidy to the Airline Industry a subsidy paid for by you the motorist every day of the year. English Democrats will use that £7bn to reduce Road Fuel Taxes by 20p a litre with the intention of saving the Average Family £750 a year in Road Fuel Costs.



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