Letters - August 6, 2019

Struggles of opening  child-proof jar tops

By Suzanne Steedman
Tuesday, 6th August 2019, 3:06 pm
Child-proof jar tops
Child-proof jar tops

Are any other readers, especially older people, becoming increasingly frustrated with opening containers with child-proof tops?

I’m referring to tops which need to be squeezed and turned or pushed and turned.

These are impossible for older people as muscle force is lost in the hands.

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Also affected are spray bottles now needing to be twisted and turned or pulled or pushed as a double action together.

They do not always spray either - some of them just issue a narrow stream.

Medicines in foil, which used to be easy to access, now need an almost impossible force to open.

Age UK needs to take this matter up - let’s get back to child-resistant locks.

V Walker




Behind PM’s ‘court jester’ persona

Five years ago, who would have placed their bets on Donald Trump (pictured) becoming the President of America and Boris Johnson taking over as the British Prime Minister?

I think many people would have shook their heads with comical disbelief.

We ought to remember that, little less than three years ago, Boris Johnson was a staunch leave campaigner. He claimed we would save a staggering £350m every week by leaving the EU.

Boris Johnson at times may play the role of the personality court jester. Behind that persona is a well educated journalist turned politician. His knowledge of how to spin politics and the media to his advantage is, in my opinion, dangerous.

It must also be remembered that Boris Johnson, like Donald Trump, was born into privilege. They have been able to do what they want, and pretty much how they want, for many years without understanding the genuine struggles that many ordinary people face on a weekly basis.

During Boris Johnson’s political career, has he ever really cared about The North of England?

Yet he has now promised to pledge £3.6bn for northern towns. All of a sudden, since becoming the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has turned into the reformed character of Ebenezer Scrooge, making ambitious promises to give all sorts away.

It’s my view he has recognised that many of the northern heartlands hard-working families, who voted for Brexit in the referendum, must now be kept sweet. Is he making all these ‘side of the bus’ style promises again just in case he calls for a general election? Or to gain public support for a ‘No Deal’ exit from The EU on October 31.

Did the average ‘leave voter’ expect to learn about complex trade deal negotiations and the Northern Ireland ‘back stop’ complications?

How many people over the past three years have stalled the sale or purchase of a property due to fear of uncertainty?

The threat of a ‘No Deal Brexit’ is worse than ever and would be a terrible act of self-harm. Some may argue that Great Britain was perfectly fine before we joined The European Economic Community in 1973. In reality, the world of commerce has changed a great deal over the past 45 years.

In the same way, to survive in business today, you cannot afford to have ‘analogue thinking’ in a digital age.

Stephen Pierre

via email


Sadness and horror at Johnson

It is with much sadness and horror that I heard of the choice of Boris Johnson as our new Prime Minister.

I realise everyone makes mistakes, but I find it impossible to accept and respect someone with several serious ones in his background as the new leader of the Conservative Party. In all my years’ of voting (I am 76 years of age), I have always voted Conservative, and I will find it extremely difficult to find another party I can respect and vote for with confidence.


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