Letters - August 24, 2017

Former Tory chancellor George Osborne was evidently keen to act in the role of master detective Sherlock Holmes in the media to ensure it was revealed to us all that Brits on foreign holidays are poorer following the Brexit vote.

Thursday, 24th August 2017, 3:38 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 11:57 am
George Osborne. PA

Whilst we are possibly all capable of postulating that the shadowy faltering figure of Doctor Brexit may yet indeed turn out to be Moriarty, especially by the time ‘Lestrade’ and his team have interpreted all the clues, how many of us had hypothesized that an unexpected ‘knee to the bad man’s groin’ at the waterfall was going to be a rail link between Liverpool and Hull?

Being born in Blackpool my metaphorical Holmes’ DNA was no doubt blown away on the breeze, as it seems to me that investing heavily in the big cities is doubtless going to do something to help the big cities, and perhaps in some ways similar to the way medieval kings spread investment to the regions by building huge stone castles , it will bring some southern rich folk north even if only to snap up some bargain property (and there’s a lot of houses being built in my area of town).

Without investment in infrastructure further than just the northern cities, what is the vision for the smaller towns? railways, roads , dentists, healthcare?

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What is the future of Blackpool Airport which is already disappearing behind shops and houses?

If our money is worth less abroad won’t we need great British holiday destinations?

Are these destinations going to be Birmingham , Liverpool , Manchester and Hull?

Or perhaps the exchange rate is going to get much better in the future so everyone can disappear to Ibiza (via Blackpool airport).

I’m sure that it’s all ‘elementary’.




It shows there are honest people about

I would very much like to thank the kind, honest gentleman who found my grandson’s telephone in Blackpool on Monday night. He very kindly took the time to meet my grandson in Blackpool to return it.

Goes to show there are some honest people around.

I thank you very much.

A Poulton resident

Via email


We need balanced view on power

There was a TV interview this week about fracking with a lady who lives on Preston New Road.

The lady was outside her house complaining that fracking could cause noise and pollution. Both the interviewer and the lady missed the irony of the fact one could hardly hear her for the traffic noise, plus, God only know what noxious fumes from cars she breathes in every day.

In 30 years electric cars will cease all pollution and traffic noise. However we will need the extra power through things like fracking to allow these cars to be charged.

We need a balanced view, why there isn’t a law that all new buildings have solar panels?

D B Woods



Korean sanctions will not work

A new barrage of UN sanctions against North Korea will do nothing to resolve tension in that region. Unfortunately the world has seen what Trump and his predecessors have been capable of, and it does not bode well for the future.

China has been wise to warn North Korea not to continue missile tests but they will not listen, which should not surprise anyone that is familiar with 20th century history.

North Korea is well aware that the US led UN intervention in the early 1950s, after a savage Japanese occupation, prevented the unification of their country, reduced much of the north to rubble, killed more than a million civilians and sustained brutal and corrupt regimes in Seoul that had 30,000 US troops US, Japanese and South Korean military forces carry out provocative large scale air,sea,and land exercises around the border with no hint of UN condemnation or sanctions.

US imperialism is also part of the problem.

The solution can only come through talks, without preconditions, to reach a comprehensive peace and security treaty between both Korean states, China and the US, thereby bringing the Korean War officially to an end after 64 years.

Royston Jones



Hypocrisy of the Conservatives

There is charity status for public schools, which means they have 80 per cent tax relief on business rates.

State schools pay the full business rate.

Now we learn many private hospitals enjoy a £5m tax break over the next five years.

It is no secret that the NHS is in a parlous state financially.

Traditionally the Conservative party has ensured ‘nothing but the best’ for their own.

The great Victorian Tory statesman Benjamin Disraeli stated that “a Conservative government is an organised hypocrisy”.

The Labour Government was no different. When in a position to do something, it did nothing.

Barry Geldard

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